Wednesday, 1 January 2014

***2014 OMSB mp3 Mix #2 (February)***

February 2014 mp3 MIX #2

This is going to be short...I think. I'm trying to get the Zegema Beach Records Zampler #2 uploaded and ready to go. 2013 was amazing. 2014 will be better. I am so excited I feel depressed.

ZBR News:
-AMBER physically in stock (well, tomorrow when I pick them up)
-VIA FONDO in stock mid-January
-LA PARADE cds should be in stock late-January, with the 3-colour options for the vinyl available late February/early March
-CASSILIS goes to print in the next 30-60 days

Here are the bands that are on the on the new Zampler 'The Bug Is In Your Brain':
-Adobe Home, Amber, Callow, Carrion Spring, Cassilis, Chuck Bass, Coma Regalia, Descubriendo A Mr. Mime, Foxmoulder, Greyscale, I Love Your Lifestyle, Ice Hockey, La Parade, Locktender , Said Goner, Secret Smoker, Tentacles, Tetola93, Totem Skin, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and Via Fondo.

***Interviews coming up for sure:
-Tel Fyr
-Halo Of Flies Records
-Tom Schlatter (Capacities/Black Kites/In First Person/This Ship Will Sink/The Assistant/You & I)
-and 5 more (at least) for bands on last months mix
Holy shit. That's at least 9 interviews coming out in January.

***Interviews last month:
-In First Person
-Ken Mode
-Totem Skin

***Show review
-Edhochuli and Moxiebeat

The following page have changes:
*Evylock has 3 full albums posted - thank you Thomas Fett!
*Bravo Fucking Bravo updated disco.

As always, on or around the 1st of every month, I will be posting a ZIP file with songs for the upcoming month with ALL specifics deleted from the tags, so unless you already know the band, there is NO information regarding each track.

During the following month, I will post reviews for those bands and link the tracks to the review so you can associate the two together. This way you can listen to a new song/band and have little-to-no bias. Below, I have reposted the January mp3 mix that is used for this month's reviews.
The new OMSB mp3 Mix #2 is linked below and will be reviewed in February. This 16-song mix has 1 previously unreleased song and includes:
*-* the catchiest garage-rock band of the year which evolved from one of the greatest screamo bands of all time
*-* the most epic screamo band I've ever heard, with crushing/beautiful songs that generally span over 10 minutes
*-* a band that I heard for the first time late last year and they absolutely destroyed me
*-* the most Jeromes Dream-sounding band I've ever heard, yet no one else seems to have heard of them
*-* a band that is so Botch that their name pretty much has the word "botch" in it

Any bands/labels that are interested in having their stuff reviewed, please email with "Open Mind Saturated Brain" as the subject.

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