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GenresPunk / Rock / Emo / Alternative / Grunge / Acoustic / Folk
Related artistsCarrion Spring and Logs.
CountryPortland, Oregan USA
Years Active2013-present
Song: "These Bloody Days"
Album: "Said Goner"
Year: 2014
Label(s): Zegema Beach Records
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #4.
You can download the January 2014 Mix#1 right here.
For fans ofKind of Like Spitting, Nirvana, Rocky Votolato, Songs Ohia, The Pixies,
                  Sonic Youth, Stephen Brodsky, Failure, Iggy Pop And The Stooges, The Kinks
                  and Into It. Over It.

SAID GONER is hard to pin down. First of all, SAID GONER is the brainchild/solo act of Adam Ciresi. If you frequent this blog you know I love me some Carrion Spring, and Adam is the vocalist/bassist for that band. This upcoming LP sounds nothing like Carrion Spring - even the heavier song with screaming sounds very little like CS. The 11 tracks on this LP bounce around from folksy rock tunes to sing-along punk, full-band alternative rock and serene, slow acoustic emo-rock - there is a lot covered here. Speaking of covered, so is Boy Sets Fire's "My Life In The Knife Trade".

Okay, considering this is still a few months from seeing the light of day, I'll go through each track.

Track #1 - "Unframe"
The opening track gives you a good indication of what you're going to get with this debut LP - acoustic rock with insightful, honest and witty lyrics. One of the best lyrical songs on the album.

Track #2 - "Cull The Bastards"
If there were to be a song break in to the mainstream I'd bet my money on this one because it blends quite a few genres into a catchy as hell romp with a full backing band. Punk, rock, folk with some aggressive vocals and sweet guitar licks are intertwined perfectly, as this is one of the most fleshed-out songs on the record. You can tell Adam spent a lot of time crafting this one.

Track #3 - "Brainstem"
This song busts out some alternative/grunge chops. And a keyboard. If you're looking for the trippy rock track, this is your song. Another full-band ensemble, this is reminiscent of The Pixies, Nirvana and Sonic Youth. A very accurate title, as the chorus 'Something's in my brain...' will definitely get stuck in your brain.

Track #4 - "Yo Soy Capitan"
This was one of the first demo songs Adam sent me, and it's still one of my favourites. The vocal crooning comes in waves, rising and falling with a beautiful climax over a lone acoustic guitar.

Track #5 - "These Bloody Days"
One of my personal favourites. This is an epic rock song for a debut LP, jeez. Mixing equal parts Jason Molina and Stephen Brodsky, this song soars and in my opinion is the cornerstone of the album. Great lyrics and definitely the most mature sounding song on the album.

Track #6 - "Hum"
This is a beautiful, twinkly and light song with some extremely calming male/female vocals and probably the most consistent guitar work on the album. I'm not sure if this song is inspired by Rocky Votolato, but fans of Rocky will love this song.

Track #7 - "Baby I'm A Terrorist"
You want the heavy track? Here it is. Super bassy, lots of sass and screaming. It's kind of like Carrion Spring meets The Blood Brothers. Definitely the closest (and only) song resembling Carrion Spring.

Track #8 - "At Home"
This could be the bastard of "Culling the Bastards" - a full-band twangy folk rock song with a lot of slide guitar work and huge drums.

Track #9 - "Broken Boughs"
I used to hate the kazoo. Rocky Votolato eased my hatred. This song is so good I can't help but kind of like it now. After many listens, this song emerged as my favourite track on the album. It's absolutely gorgeous. The transition from verse to chorus gets me every time - "and wake in the 'morrow, oh, embers smouldering". The second of which leads to the end, which is breathtaking.

Track #10 - "Let Me Sleep"
Another beautiful lullaby (see "Hum") that slowly rolls along. The song builds and drops, toying with the listener in a very engaging yet calming way. This really is a perfect song to lull you to sleep.

Track #11 - "My Life in the Knife Trade"
This Boy Sets Fire cover is just Adam's voice on the brink of self-destruction and his trusty acoustic guitar. It's raw. It's heartfelt. It's surprisingly original considering it's a cover. Shit, it's awesome and a great way to close out the record. Tapping the roots.

I should also include the link to an interview (here) I had with Adam in 2013 which lead to our discussions about releasing the album. SAID GONER's 'Said Goner' 12"LP will be released on Zegema Beach Records in Spring/Summer 2014.



summer 2014 - Said Goner 12"LP (stream/buy/download the 4 preview tracks here)


(2014) SAID GONER - "These Bloody Days" (from 'Said Goner')

(2014) SAID GONER - "My Life in the Knife Trade" (from 'Said Goner')

(2014) SAID GONER - "Cull the Bastards" (from 'Said Goner')

(2014) SAID GONER - "Unframe" (from 'Said Goner')


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