Thursday 16 January 2014

(o) VIA FONDO 12" silkscreened EP -(o)- CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL 2x Cassette (o)

The VIA FONDO 12" transparent silkscreened EP (almost 15 minutes of music that was too long to fit on a measly 7") is officially in stock. There's 300 copies total and I have 140. Well, I had 140. I have less now. So get on that, here. If you are in Europe you can order them from Through Love Records here. Read the band review that I did here, which also includes a video and song from the EP.

Also, MEATcube sent me some stuff, including the new CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL double cassette discography. There are only 100 available so get on that! This bad boy collects everything that the band ever recorded and then some. Download card included. Read my review with Ryan of CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL and MEATcube Label here. I reviewed CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL 6 months ago here. Buy it from MEATcube here or from me here.

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