Thursday, 25 July 2013

(-) AMBER loses vocalist

Well, she's not lost, but she is no longer in the band. It seems like she left on relatively amicable terms, as she is playing 2 final shows - but this is shitty news (musically), as Anna was a big draw for me. Luckily, AMBER are fantastic musicians and I hope that they find a suitable replacement soon. If you live in Germany and can belt out some screams - I would contact the band if I were you. Here is their Facebook page:

I interviewed the band right after they released their amazing 'Lovesaken' ep, which is one of the best releases of 2013. Check it out here.

Here is Anna's statement:
"It's the decisions that we make that sometimes break a heart"
I am sorry to say that i can not be a part of Amber anymore.
I had a wonderful time, met wonderful people and awesome bands and made new friends that I don't want to miss! I really enjoyed being the singer of this band, putting my heart into these songs and having the ability to design and create all this stuff. I cannot say how I am. But things went wrong and at the moment I cannot continue like this. I will play 2 last shows, 2.8. in Marburg, 3.8. New Noise Festival. Afterwards Amber will continue without me.
You all should know how thankful I am for all your support, for listening to our music, for believing in us, for setting up shows, letting us sleep in your houses, giving us food and drinks, writing reviews and interviews and being so nice to us. I enjoyed talking to you a lot, feel free to carry on get in touch with me via "anka rich".

Andre and Cory, thank you so much for your support and your release!!! We couldn't have made it without you
Amber, thanks for having me, I love our music and will not stop.
Acres, Arktika, Anteater, The Tidal Sleep, Red Apollo, Reznik Syndrom, Kreis, Thoreau, Hector Savage, Akela, Dead Flesh Fashion, Alpinist, Ashes of Pompeii: it was an honour to share a stage with you!!!
Tony, Jayse, Sarah, Micha,
Roman, Andre: DANKE!!!!

Until we meet again
The band replied with:

"These are sad news, but we wish Anna the best of luck on her future endeavors!
However! We will carry on as a band, so look out for new stuff to come your way soon!"



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