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This post's artist is from the June 2013 Mix. These are tracks #2 and 3.

Genres: Stoner / Robot / Psychedelic Rock / Post Hardcore / Punk / Metal / Grunge / Pop /
             Classic Rock / ...and probably some more.
Related artists: I'm not even going to bother.
Country: Palm Desert, California, USA
Years Active: 1997-present
Songs: "Tension Head " and "I Never Came"
Albums: 'Rated R' and 'Lullabies to Paralyze'
Years: 2000 and 2005
For fans of: Rock music.

It is very rare for me to plug an already popular band - as they don't need any help. But I'm posting this for people who haven't listened to at least a few albums in their entirety from the discography before dismissing them. Don't listen to QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE for the band or the fact that they are popular - who cares anyway, but it would be a disservice to you if I didn't recommend this band just as much as all of the better bands that I've posted. I had always like the singles I had heard, but after downloading their discography, I went out and bought all the albums anyway. They're that good.

I will simply list the best tracks. Find all of them, relax with some headphones and enjoy.



1998 - Beaver EP
           ((( Morocco )))

1998 - Queens of the Stone Age
           ((( Regular John )*( Avon )*( If Only )*( Walkin' On The Sidewalks )*( How To Handle
                A Rope )*( Mexicola )*( You Can't Quit Me Baby )))

2000 - R
           ((( Feel Good Hit Of The Summer )*( Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret )*( Quick And To The
                Pointless )*( Tension Head )))

2002 - Songs for the Deaf
           ((( Millionaire )*( No One Knows )*( Firth It Giveth )*( Six Shooters )*( Hangin' Tree )*( Go
                With The Flow )*( Do It Again )*( God )*( Song For The Deaf  )))

2005 - Lullabies to Paralyze
           ((( Everybody Knows That You're Insane )*( Tangled Up In Plaid )*( In My Head )*( I Never
                Came )*( Someone's In The Wolf )))

2007 - Era Vulgaris
           ((( Sick Sick Sick )*( Into The Hollow )*( Make It Wit You )*( Into The Hollows acoustic
                version )))

2013 - Like Clockwork
           ((( Keep Your Eyes Peeled )*( If I Had A Tail )*( MyGod Is The Sun )*( I Appear Missing )))


These are listed chronologically, so remember, the first link is the band's OLDER MATERIAL!!!
youtube )))))embedded official video / audio((((( links

(1998) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Morocco" (from 'Beaver' cd)
(1998) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Regular John" (from 'Queens Of The Stone Age' cd)
(2000) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Tension Head" (from 'R' cd) LIVE VIDEO
(2002) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "No One Knows" (from 'Songs For The Deaf' cd) MUSIC VIDEO
(2005) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Someone's In The Wolf" (from 'Lullabies to Paralyze' cd) MUSIC VIDEO
(2007) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "Into The Hollow" (from 'Era Vulgaris' cd) 
(2013) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - "" (from 'Like Clockwork' cd) MUSIC VIDEO

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