Friday 17 March 2023

*** TELOS 'Delude' exclusive album premiere ***

exclusive album premiere
For fans ofHexis, We Are Among Storms, Demersal, Malevich, Plebian Grandstand, Rorcal and I Am A Curse

Orders open on March 18th at 4am PST / 6am CST / 7am EST
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     So I've been following TELOS for a few years now and have collaborated with members through other projects, primarily Demersal and Regarding Ambiguity. When my friend Viktor Ravn from the former sent me the new TELOS album I was definitely caught off guard as I knew it was going to be good, but good lord this is beyond good. This is amazing. An easy early entry into the best of 2023 category.

     Viktor even gave me a few words about the album to post with this review:

‘Delude’ has been in the works since 2019 and was worked on throughout the pandemic. While writing the album we went through a big line-up change, and had to re-invent our way of writing as a group and our way of being in a band together. We wanted to keep the raw and chaotic energy that the band always stood for, while simultaneously embracing new sounds and styles that the new faces brought to the table. I would say that ‘Delude’ is even darker and aggressive than our previous releases but also way more emotional and melodic at times. It’s definitely the most diverse record that we have released thus far. Circumstances out of our hands kept pushing the release back repeatedly, but now it's finally coming and we're really excited to finally get it out and into the hands of people around the world.

    'Delude' mixes raging hardcore, black metal, and some of the deepest, darkest, heaviest, blackened shit I've ever heard. Imagine Hexis' violent and unstoppable barrage with the weight and epicness of I Am A Curse and you'll be in the ballpark. It releases tomorrow March 18th at 12pm Danish time (which 4pm PST / 6pm CST / 7am EST) on grey (and release show exclusive red) 12"s and three very rare cassette variants.

(2023) TELOS  'Delude'

1 - "Within Reach"
The opener begins with isolated guitar that sounds like you're about to get a face-full of black metal, only to dip in and out of cavernous, blackened, metallic hardcore with multiple vocalists and one helluva harrowing conclusion.

2 - "Bastion"
This was the lead single from this album so you've likely already been smacked in the head by it, as the heavy/chunky nature of the instrumentals combined with those incredibly versatile vocals is a recipe for destruction.

3 - "Never Me" (music video linked here)
The third track and second single is another shot to the throat, boasting throat-wrenching screams and pulverizing stop/starts that made this a no-brainer to release before the album with an equally jarring and disorienting music video.

4 - "I Accept / I Receive
Normally the longest track goes at the end, but the band has a very clear plan in mind and that's blatantly obvious once you officially finish the album. Because of that, I love the placement on this behemoth with no unnecessary filler. If I may liken the song to a prodigious great white shark (and I think I can), the first two-thirds is the teeth, all sharp, violent, gnashing, and bloody, whilst the last third has a slower Eyes/Ken Mode/Converge feel that simultaneously grooves and thrashes around like a tailfin.

5 - "I've Been Gone For So Long"
The band comes back to the gas pedal at the beginning of the b-side which has a distinctive Denmark style (yes, I'm looking at you Hexis) with a rager that pushes the four-minute mark and includes very interesting/amazing instrumentals that would ruin people in a live setting.

6 - "Lapse"
The second shortest, but fastest, and angriest song here is "Lapse" and it's easily one of my faves. If  I may pull out another analogy, TELOS writes music that is a tightly packed snowball. That shit can smash windows and fuck you up if you get a head shot. Now imagine that snowball shrunk down to an ice-ball. Absolutely lethal.

7 - "As Atlas Stumbled"
The penultimate closer begins as the softest, most subdued track with an isolated guitar that quickly picks up and collides with the remaining members. This song in particular shows the band evolving with further experimentation on instrumentals within the band's own sphere of heaviness but maintains utterly crushing sound that is TELOS.

8 - "Throne"
What the fuck? Talk about an all-emcompassing, epic, progressive, and just plain phenomenal conclusion to a spotless album. This closer goes full-on in their shift to a remarkable, epic second-half that weaves a wonderful melodic riff through it like a helix from a dna strand. A cherry on top, this song is the perfect ending.


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