Monday, 6 March 2023

*** PODCAST #111 Drew Slavik (See You Next Tuesday) ***

     SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY (known as SYNT for the rest of this post) returned just last week with a brand new record after a decade-long release silence. So speaking to founding member/guitarist Drew Slavik was a no-fuck-brainer. To hear the trajectory of his life leading up to and obviously including SYNT is a helluva journey. I wanted to note that it's extra cool to have a podcast with someone you've never talked to and come out of it with a new friend, as is definitely the feeling I have here. Thanks Drew!!! Also in this podcast: too much snow and being a postal worker, metal over hardcore, second-wave of myspace, Botch reunion, praising Victor Wooten and the double-thumb, double saxophone solos, pre-SYNT bands Alagon and Point Of Delay, learning guitar, the beginning of SYNT, signing to Ferret, personal and stylistic shifts, getting dirty, dominos of shit leading to hiatus, screamo crossover and props to Envy, overcoming demons and swimming in sobriety, future plans, etc. Bands played in this podcast: Billy Strings, Louise Cyphre, Manelli Jamal, Trauma Bond, Venns, and Wiegedood. Listen to podcast #111 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.

FFM linktree

1 I hear something simple in something that is complex.
BILLY STRINGS "Turmoil & Tinfoil" (Drew)
MANELI JAMAL "Mov. I - Norym" (Dave)

2 Musical Circus
TRAUMA BOND "A Hollow Bed Awaits" (Drew)
VENNS "Foul" (Dave) -> music video linked here!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 In the Ferret Nest
WIEGEDOOD "Carousel" (Drew)
LOUISE CYPHRE "Never Stop" (Dave)

4 'Distractions' From Demons
~no music



PODCAST #111 linked here

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