Sunday, 4 September 2022

*** PODCAST #97 Hunter Johnson (Terror Cell, Charger Port, Tvlpa, Asylum 213) ***

Who's busy as fuck? Hunter Johnson, of course. Playing in three bands plus having his own solo project, it is blatantly obvious upon speaking with him why he is in such high demand. With CHARGER PORT (math rock/noise, noise pop) releasing two LPs (and an EP on tape via my Softseed Music label), TERROR CELL (mathcore, metalcore) releasing their new 12"LP on October 7th, TVLPA (chaotic hardcore, false black metal, noise rock) gearing up to record, and ASYLUM 213 (genre-bending alternative) fresh off of a 2021 full length...Hunter is kinda everywhere. He's definitely in Richmond, Virginia. Are you in RVA? If so maybe hit up Hunter so ya'll can play CHARGER PORT jams live. PLEASE!

Just a few of the things discussed: David Llynch movies in music, Led Zeppelin tribute band influence, Tony Martin is great, Voicemails (the band), loving shenanigans, who is heavier - The Wind In The Trees or Pains?, Broken Charger Port (good luck finding it), bartering for wax mages, views on Mars Volta, how Charger Port became Tvlpa, Nintendo soundtracks, disliking vs. loving Anthony Green, joining Terror Cell, everyone loves John Crogan, the Touch And Go label, what screamo do you like?, us failing to say screamo band names properly, trying to find members to join Charger Port for live gigs etc. Bands played in this podcast: Masayoshi Tanaka, Oxes, The Sound Of Animals Fighting, Spear Of Schlonginus, U.S. Maple, and Works. Listen to podcast #97 which is available to stream and/or download for free via this link.
1 What kind of kid was this kid? A metal kid? A classic rock elitist douche bag kid?
OXES "And Giraffe, Natural Enemies" (Hunter)
***WORKS "Punishment" (Dave)***              EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE!!!

2 Nobody will find this, ever.
MASAYOSHI TANAKA "Blue Curacao" (Hunter)

3 The talent is so good it sounds automated.
U.S. MAPLE "Running From Kabob" (Hunter)
SPEAR OF SCHLONGINUS "Make Like a Computer and Get With the Program by Curl Up and Die" (Dave)



PODCAST #97 linked here


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