Saturday 14 December 2019


Year: 2019
This post's artist is from the December 2019 Mix. This is track #5.
You can download: the December 2019 Mix#12 right here or get the new January 2020 Mix#1 here

I've been a big fan of Italy's instru-metal band TOMYDEEPESTEGO ever since picking up 'Odyssea' on cd back in 2007. I grabbed the new 2019 album 'Fears' a few months back and have been enjoying on the regular. Here's a quick runthrough of my favourite instru-metal release of 2019, hands down.

"Empress" is a fucking jam, bringing blatantly obvious comparisons to Pelican's heyday, Finger Of God and Omega Massif, especially with all dem chugs and pretty, spacey sections. "Many Days March Away" is even heavier than the opener and delves head-on into swelling breakdowns and beautiful bass work with a head-spinning transition at 1:30 into the sound of ricocheting guitars through sludgy chugs. "Witches" slows things down a bit but the climaxes remain no less epic, "River" rides a seamlessly smooth wave of subtle riffs under an expansive atmosphere, and banger "You Only Die Once" is as Pelican as 'City of Echoes' is Pelican. Ha, if you don't know Pelican that sentence is hella confusing. Honestly though it's mad respect to a band that literally carved the genre, and they do it in a way that has tons of TOMYDEEPESTEGO flavoring. "The Big Bad Red Wolf" is the first song I can remember with vocals, which most flips my memory switch to a healthy Disappearer comparison, as they also did instru-metal before incorporating a vocalist. Closer "Tears" is a deep, dark cut that is surprisingly short at just 3:10, and therefore is a questionable closer until you hit the 2:25 mark.

And excellent album, my friends. I think it's my favourite thus far!


(2019) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "Many Days March Away" (from 'Fears')

(2019) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "You Only Die Once" (from 'Fears')

(2019) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "Empress" (from 'Fears')


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