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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Metal / Screamo
Related artistsnODo, AFA, Vodu Wango, Tyrone and GOH.
CountryTerni ITALY
Years Active2013-present
Song: "L'antropologa Il trend del declino"
Album: "Senza Denti"
Year: 2017
For fans ofBelladone, MoxiebeatRemote, I Am A CurseStorm{o}SpiresYo Sbraito, Versoma, Cassilis, Lamantide, Time In Malta, Jough Dawn Baker, Ruined Families, Tigershark, Thank God, Lentic Waters, Minerva Superduty, Knut, Aporia, Norma JeanThe Chariot, Barque and The Catalyst.
Label(s): Shove Records / To Lose La Track / Sonatine Produzioni / Tanato Records / Longrail Records / All Ways Wrong
This post's artist is from the December 2017 Mix. This is track #2.
You can download: the December 2017 Mix#12 right here or get the new January 2018 Mix#1 here.

DIE ABETE was yet another band I found out about through my label Zegema Beach Records trading with Italian screamo/hardcore Shove Records. The description piqued my interest as they were listed as having two drummers and two guitarists, with one of the drummers being the primary vocalist and both guitarists supplying additional vocals. Well guess what? It's fucking amazing. The crazy double drumming mixed with chaotic hardcore as well as some screamo and metal is absolutely sensational. I traded for a few 12"s and a cd, although I ended up keeping a 12" and the cd for myself.

In 2014 DIE ABETE released their debut LP on cd titled 'Tutto o Niente', housing 8 tracks. After the 1:06 opener "Where are My Keys" finishes, you'll likely be scratching your head and thinking, what the fuck just happened? I'll tell you what, you just got aurally punched in the brain. The second track, for which they have a music video (embedded below), is titled "Per Un Pugno Di Pugni" and from 42 seconds to the 1:35 close you'll be getting heaps of dark, massive, swelling breakdowns, making it my favourite track on here. "Al Giorno La Resa" has some sweet guitar riffs followed by jarring stop/starts, "Tommy Was a Superman" is pretty fucking sassy, "Scrittore Verace" is short and violent, "Mosquitoes Threat" houses the most devastating vocals the band has recorded to date and closer "UT" is downright pummeling.

2017's 'Senza Denti' takes a lot of what made their debut great and expands on that, creating a ridiculous concoction of chaotic hardcore that borders on Belladone, The Catalyst and The Chariot. Opener "Se siete d'accordo, azzeriamo tutto e ripartiamo da capo" is a disjointed romp through chaotic hardcore and shows the huge leaps that DIE ABETE have made since their 2014 effort. The second track titled "La Tigre" was graced with another music video, and rightfully so. This song is 1:17 of destruction, with the best part coming in at 33 seconds and rolling through for just 15 seconds as a seemingly unstoppable force. "Icaro" is probably my favourite song here as it hits so many pressure points you should probably lie down lest you drop to the floor in a combination of pain and sheer ecstasy. The opening of it is very The Chariot (even the vocals), from 32 seconds until 42 there is a short but danceable breakdown, followed by a short midsection interlude that transitions the song to climax and fake ending after 1:03, only to go full tilt from 1:22 until its 1:46 close. Hot damn that's a tasty track. "Il giorno dei fuochi (feat. Mai Mai Mai)" is very long for DIE ABETE, clocking in at 5:30. The first half is pretty typical for the band (with a sick solo at 1:17) while the second half shows us a much more subdued and atmospheric side. "L'antropologa Il trend del declino" contains lots of sweet open/close hammering on the guitars and "Hai scelto bene, adesso crepa" is a non-stop, driving number, with both tracks hovering around the two-minute mark. "Umeå" begins super chill and gives off a hint of instru-metal and a sprinkle of screamo, making it sound akin to Grand Détour for the first minute and a half before we're brought back in to sludgy, mammoth hardcore for the second half. "Cheers, cholera! (feat Terence)" is another massive track boasting the dual drums, deep breakdowns and an incredible midsection from 42 seconds to 1:06 with precisely placed stops, raging chords and killer vocals. Seriously that's one killer album!

Lukas from DIE ABETE had this to say about the formation of the band:
"So, before playing with DIE ABETE we all played in various local bands. We played together in some bands, as we've known each other since high school. The idea of DIE ABETE came when I (Lukas - drums) and Eugenio (2nd drums and main vocals) wanted to play in a band together, as this had never happened before because we both play drums. We had already played with Marco and Michele (the two guitarists) for a long time in two different bands, so we just put everything together without bass (actually, on 'Senza Denti' there is bass on the recording, but live there is none, which is the same as our first record)."



2014 - Tutto o Niente cdLP (stream/buy here)

2017 -  Senza Denti cd12"LP (stream/buy here)


(2017) DIE ABETE - "La Tigre" (from 'Senza Denti') official music video

(2017) DIE ABETE - "Icaro" (from 'Senza Denti')

(2017) DIE ABETE - "Cheers, colera! (feat. Terence)" (from 'Senza Denti')

(2014) DIE ABETE - "Per un pugno di pugni" (from 'Tutto o Niente') official music video

(2014) DIE ABETE - "UT" (from 'Tutto o Niente')


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