Wednesday, 1 November 2017

***SENZA / ANTIPHONY exclusive premiere***

For fans of: мища, Flesh Born and Sleeper Wave

For fans ofHum, Huge Cosmic and Encrypt Manuscript

Today we get to premiere the split between SENZA and ANTIPHONY. The cassette is in the works now and will be clear blue with pink glitter and released before the end of 2017. SENZA is also embarking on a 9-day trek with the following dates/cities:
Redding = November 2nd, 2017
Salem = November 3rd, 2017
Portland = November 4th, 2017
Vancouver = November 6th, 2017
Bellingham = November 7th, 2017
Tacoma = November 8th, 2017
Olympia = November 9th, 2017
Seattle = November 10th, 2017
Eugene = November 11th, 2017

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OMSB was already very familiar with Oregon's SENZA, as they released a cover on the Jeromes Dream comp (linked here) and premiered a song from their split with Akira (linked here) earlier this summer. They play a spastic and shrieky blend of hardcore and emo-violence that is right up my alley, with all three songs hovering around the three-minute mark, which is quite unique for a genre that boasts very short songs. The best part is all three songs will keep you engaged for their entirety without wearing you out, either, and partly because of this balance I can't choose a top track.

(2017) SENZA - "Provare" (from 'Antiphony' split)

(2017) SENZA - "SHFFL // The Counterpick to Your Sentiment" (from 'Antiphony' split)

(2017) SENZA - "Life After Debt" (from 'Antiphony' split)

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California's ANTIPHONY is a very cool new band with sensibilities in math-rock, emo, hardcore and indie rock. Their instrumentals are tight as hell and peppered with either subdued singing or At The Drive In-esque yells. Their influences likely come from all over, but the peculiar mixture of styles ends up being quite interesting, with my personal favourites being opener "Entr'acte" and closer "Jonathan".

(2017) ANTIPHONY - "Entr'acte" (from 'Senza' split)

(2017) ANTIPHONY - "Fletcher" (from 'Senza' split)

(2017) ANTIPHONY - "Charmian" (from 'Senza' split)

(2017) ANTIPHONY - "Walt" (from 'Senza' split)

(2017) ANTIPHONY - "Jonathan" (from 'Senza' split)

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