Tuesday, 26 September 2017

***WORST DAYS 'Someone Has It Worse' EP exclusive premiere***

For fans of: Converge, Graf Orlock and Creeper

This is the exclusive EP premiere of WORST DAYS' 'Some Has It Worse'. 3 tracks of ferocious hardcore. Ooooo baby. WORST DAYS hail from Providence, Rhode Island in the U.S.A. and have been premiered here before (kaplooey!) as well as featured on the Zegema Beach Records Fest pre-show (full set here). WORST DAYS, aka Matt, Josh, Chris and Alan, stayed over at my house and were lovely guests and awesome people. Matt (vocals) had this to say about the EP:
"These songs were recorded as part of Will Killingsworth's live sessions at Dead Air Studios in Amherst.  It was really cool to work with him and get his opinions and takes on our songs; helping us kind of smooth everything over. These new songs (Nervous System & Inconsistency I&II) are also a lot more harsh than what we have released in the past. Alan and Josh have been experimenting a lot with delay and overdrive pedals, aiding for a more chaotic and noisy feel. And this goes without being said, but Chris' drum work is a driving force behind these new songs."

Here's my quick take on the 'Someone Has It Worse' EP. "Nervous System" is 60 seconds of intense, piercing hardcore in the vein of Converge. "Inconsistency I & II" teeters near the four-minute mark and is a clinic of stop/start leading drums that'll leave you in shambles and is most reminiscent of Graf Orlock. "Hopeless" closes off the EP nicely with some injections of more technical and playful guitars and Matt's adaptable vocals and is straight up WORST DAYS.

1) "Nervous System"

2) "Inconsistency I & II"

3) "Hopeless"


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