Wednesday, 31 May 2017

***LYED exclusive song premiere***

Ooooooo baby! Tonight, an hour before the Zegema Beach Records Zampler #9 compilation is released (linked here), I am delighted to share LYED's new track "Velvet Nightfall" with you. This track can be found on Zampler #9 and will appear on LYED's upcoming 'The Immolated Earth' 12"LP via Zegema Beach Records, Middle Man Records and Contrition Records this July. The 9 songs on the LP follow the line drawn by "Velvet Nightfall", with some songs straying from the norm and wandering either towards the heavier or melodic side.

LYED - Velvet Nightfall
For fans of: The Bled, Versus The Mirror and Since By Man

"Velvet Nightfall" draws from a myriad of influences but the primary would likely be chaotic, metallic hardcore in the vein of The Bled. It opens with a cool riff but after 10 seconds the drums switch up and that amazingness is all I seem to be able to hear. By 23 seconds the vocals kick in, screaming with a slightly gruff edge, making them screamy without being high pitched. At 1:30 the song reaches its first summit and takes a few, brief seconds to take in the view before plummeting downward at 2:17 with a slow, eerie, dark and crushing fall that explodes on impact at 2:51 and goes ballistic for the remainder of the track. Oooo baby. Wait till you hear the other 8 songs! Wowza!!! You can stream "Velvet Nightfall" above or by opening a new tab here.

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