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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo / Emotive Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz
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CountryAncona ITALY
Years Active2011-present
Song: "A Picco Sul Male"
Album: "Secondo Aspettative Altre"
Year: 2016
For fans ofItto, Ravin, La Quiete, Regarde, Virginia On DutyØjneLakméVi som älskade varandra så mycket, The Reptilian, Mouse Fitzgerald, Chambers, Gli Altri, Amanda Woodward, Ogni Giorno, Via Fondo, Aporia, Raein, Trachimbrod, Uragano, Shizune and Pastel aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Blessed Hands Records / Icore Produzioni / Insonnia Lunare / Narvalosuoni / Dreamingorilla Records / Longrails Records / 5feetunder Records
This post's artist is from the September 2016 Mix. This is track #3.
You can download: the September 2016 Mix#9 right here or get the new October 2016 Mix#10 here.

YO SBRAITO is a testament to many things, such as Italian screamo, awesome music, and most importantly for this post was their determination and persistence. Let me explain. YO SBRAITO has been sending me their releases since their debut EP back in 2013 when I first started this blog. I always liked the band but wasn't blown away enough to feel warranted to put the effort into a post. Low and behold, Davide from YO SBRAITO messaged me a few months back with their new endeavor 'Secondo Aspettative Altre' and I was shocked. This new LP is not a little bit better, it's fucking awesome. And not only that, but the style shift is very interesting and worth a further analysis.

In 2013 the band released their debut 'Demo' cd/tape that sounds a lot like Pastel, Gli Altri as well as the latter-era Raein and La Quiete's mixture of garage rock and Italian screamo. Although I enjoy this sound, I felt the similarities were too many and the songs themselves paled in comparison to the aforementioned bands, so it just made me want to listen to La Quiete. It's a good start, but I wasn't jumping out of my seat whilst listening to it. I've noticed that the complete EP is not online so I've posted a zip file of the wma's here.

In 2014 they followed up with 'Abbiamo Tutti Perso' which took the chill and added in some spice, as well as much thicker production (not necessarily better, but certainly better suited to the sound). I find myself enjoying the slightly heavier vocals and increase of the bass in the mix to fill out the bouncy screamo that the band was seemingly honing in on. But don't get too comfortable...

because 2016 rolled around and holy shit, this style change is more than an evolution, it's a shift and an evolution combined. YO SBRAITO must have been gotten huge into Itto and Amanda Woodward as the influence here seems quite obvious, but I have been known to read too much into things. Regardless, the new shit sheds its skin of the prior garagey screamo and opts for pummeling, heavy and screamy hardcore with little-to-no soft stuff. And I fucking diiiiiiig it. Check out the fantastic record here and if you're iffy on the idea try jamming "A Picco Sul Male", "Ci Siamo Fatti Male", "Non Si Ha Abbastanza Tempo Mai", "Pagine di Memoria" and "Solido Intenso Nulla" because they are unreal and will satisfy the craving of any Itto, Ravin and Lakmé fan. This might make my year end list. Goddamn, fellas. Well done.



2013 - Demo cd/cassetteEP (download wma/zip file here) [buy cd here]

2014 - Abbiamo Tutti Perso digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)

2016 - Secondo Aspettative Altre cdLP (stream/buy here)


(2016) YO SBRAITO - "Non Si Ha Abbastanza Tempo Mai" (from 'Secondo Aspettative Altre')

(2016) YO SBRAITO - "Ci Siamo Fatti Male" (from 'Secondo Aspettative Altre')

(2016) YO SBRAITO - "A Picco Sul Male" (from 'Secondo Aspettative Altre')

(2016) YO SBRAITO - "Caraggio" (from 'Abbiamo Tutti Perso') live video

(2014) YO SBRAITO - "Il Fuggitivo" (from 'Abbiamo Tutti Perso')

(2014) YO SBRAITO - "La Cavia" (from 'Abbiamo Tutti Perso')

(2013) YO SBRAITO - "Scopo Ultimo" (from 'Vivisezione di un Innocente')


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