Thursday, 20 October 2016

***WORST DAYS exclusive album premiere***

WORST DAYS exclusive EP premiere for 'Separation Anxiety'
For fans of: Left Astray, Euth, Converge and Crestfallen

I've been talking to Matthew Morale quite a bit on Facebook over the last year or two and he has been sending me tracks from the band he does vocals for, WORST DAYS. Right away I was a fan, but the five new songs he sent me last week are fucking killer. The power and abrasiveness of the new EP 'Separation Anxiety' is undeniable. I'll be reviewing the band's full discography next year, so I'll just talk about the album premiere and each song in a more general sense.

This compact, dense and unstable EP tears through five songs in only five minutes. The opener "A Previous Knowledge of Self Destruction" delivers a devastating initial blow in only 1:39, which happens to be the longest track on here. The title track "Separation Anxiety" mixes in what might be considered a softer and more melodic section, but by the end everything's chaotic and heavy as fuck. "Mutilated Thoughts" is a mathy midsection that harkens bands such as Enkephalin and The Minor Times and newer bands like Euth and Machina Genova. "Feeble Minds" clocks in at 39 seconds but travels through at least five, dark, hardcore passages before closing up shop. The closer "It's Easier to Destroy Than Create" opens with a driving rhythm and a weird little breakdown that explodes at 30 seconds moves to lightning speed by 45 seconds and opts for zero vocals. Truly a fantastic and pulverizing EP to which I've embedded the opener "A Previous Knowledge of Self Destruction" for your listening pleasure above and all of the new songs below. Be a sweetheart and please check out the WORST DAYS bandcamp page and support these fine Providence fellas.

And now...a plethora of links:

Premiere of "Seperation Anxiety"

Premiere of "Mutilated Thoughts"

Premiere of "Feeble Minds"

Premiere of "It's Easier to Destroy Than Create"

Live Montreal show from Aug 2016

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