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GenresPost Punk / Noise Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Experimental / Prog
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CountryVenice ITALY
Years Active2007-present
Song: "8 Hours"
Album: "The Brawl"
Year: 2010
For fans ofShellac, At The Drive In, Transistor Transistor, The Love And Terror Cult, Crows-An-Wra, The Paper Chase, Hercules Hercules, The Blood Brothers, Trapdoor Fucking Exit, These Arms Are Snakes, The Hives, Rye Coalition, Blacklisters, Putiferio, Ladder Devils, Aim Of Conrad, Meth And Goats, Cyrus Gold, Dead Elephant, A Flower Kollapsed, Chambers, The Death Of Anna Karina, Despistado, Encrypt Manuscript and Forstella Ford.
Label(s): Robot Radio Records / Macina Dischi
This post's artist is from the March 2016 Mix. This is track #1.
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LUCERTULAS played unruly, abrasive and noisy post-punk from Venice, Italy. They currently still play but have shed the noisy sass of their first two records in exchange for a cleaner, more melodic approach. 2007's 'Travol de Rova' is a notable debut with spastic and eerie layers of both noise and rock. Tracks such as "Roulette" and "Partum" are good examples of a sassy Rye Coalition and Meth And Goats rock/post-punk style, but it isn't a consistent record.

It wasn't until 'The Brawl' was released that they truly reached their potential. This LP has amazing art and boasts incredible tracks throughout the disc, reminding me a lot of Hercules Hercules crossed with At The Drive In including some angular riffing not unlike The Paper Chase. The guitars are truly unique and weird but when coupled with the pulsating and distorted bass they tend to ultimately be the driving force behind the band's sound, although the drums and their rhythmic, jungle vibe catapult this sound into bombastic territory. The screaming/yelling is not to be glossed over, as the exceptionally shrill and peaked vocal tirades similar to The Blood Brothers and At The Drive In are a huge selling point for the first two releases. The following songs are fantastic: "8 Hours" (my personal fave by the band), "A Wicked Eel" (awesome, spazzy stuff), "The Boxer" (with its piercing, angular attack), "Carlo's Nightmare" (goes all over the place) and "The Widower" (an epic 6+ minute closer).

The new material from 2014's 'Anatomyak' sounds like Forstella Ford (especially the grainy singing on "A Good Father") and manages to still keep the instrumental edge sharp, but the lack of fuzzed out and sassy vocals detract from the killer sound I was used to. The top song on here is "The Sailor" which is kind of like Akimbo, These Arms Are Snakes and even a little Brighter Arrows.

A very original band, LUCERTULAS is well worth your time, especially those first two rockin' records.


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2007 - Tragol de Rova cdLP (stream/download here)

2010 - The Brawl cd/12"LP (stream/download here) (buy cd here)

2014 - Anatamyak cd/10"LP (stream/donate/download here) (buy cd here)


(2007) LUCERTULAS - "Roulette" (from 'Tragol de Rova')

(2007) LUCERTULAS - "Partum" (from 'Tragol de Rova')

(2010) LUCERTULAS - "8 Hours" (from 'The Brawl') official music video

(2010) LUCERTULAS - "The Boxer" (from 'The Brawl')

(2010) LUCERTULAS - "A Wicked Eel" (from 'The Brawl')

(2014) LUCERTULAS - "The Sailor" (from 'Anatamyak')

(2014) LUCERTULAS - "A Good Father" (from 'Anatamyak') official music video


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