Tuesday, 17 May 2016

***ITTŌ exclusive song premiere***

ITTŌ exclusive song premiere for "Samsara"
from 'Pursuant' released on The Ghost Is Clear Records

ITTŌ from Chicago have been ripping shit up since 2011 and finally, yes, fucking finally, they have (in a sense) unveiled their entire new LP 'Pursuant' via a 12" pre-order on The Ghost Is Clear Records, as once purchased you will receive the entire digital album immediately.

OMSB is lucky enough to be sonically blessed with an exclusive premiere for the closing track "Samsara". The band told me I could choose the song to be premiered, which is always my preference, as I feel like I know which track is the best choice quite quickly. This, however, was not the case with ITTŌ's 'Pursuant' as the entire thing is amazing and choosing only one track was an enjoyable but very difficult process.

Clocking in at 2:01, "Samsara" is unrelenting and boasts that fact right from the get-go. The bass (Neil) is thick and heavy, the guitars (Jeremy and Ryan) weave through quick/heavy breakdowns and intricate noodling, the drums sound like they will topple under the force of Nnamdi's pounding and James' vocals come through denser and screamier than ever with some spoken word coming in halfway through and continuing until the close. Fuck, this song is a goddamn banger!!!


If you didn't know already, ITTŌ and Mexico's JOLIETTE have teamed up for an insane European tour that has already made me curse geography. Check out the dates on the poster below, as the tour kicks off tonight, May 17th, in Hof, Denmark and ends June 3rd in Paris, France. I've put on shows and witnessed both bands live on at least two occasions and I promise you will not be disappointed - in fact, you'll likely be blown away and have to be sewn back together again before raiding both merch tables.


Lastly, I've linked many things ITTŌ that will keep you busy for a good hour. Enjoy and thanks for checking out the premiere. Now go buy your copy and help these awesome fellas out on their tour!

Mad ITTŌ links:

Track 1 from 'Pursuant'

Track 2 from 'Pursuant'
"Ego Death"

Track 3 from 'Pursuant'


Still not convinced about the tour? You're an idiot. So, to help you out, here's a video of JOLIETTE destroying Hamilton that also includes the bassist (using a wireless bass) running outside and jamming on the streets as people walk by. Fucking amazing stuff.

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