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GenresScreamo / Punk / Rock / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore
Related artistsGulfer.
CountryMontreal, CANADA
Years Active2013-present
Song: "I Hope They're Right"
Album: "Count It All In Joy"
Year: 2013
Label(s): Self-released
This post's artist is from the April 2014 Mix. This is track #13.
You can download the April 2014 Mix#4 right here.
For fans ofLa ParadeThe Sky Above And Earth BelowState Faults, Frameworks, EvylockCircle Takes The Square, Adaje, These Arms Are Snakes, Alexisonfire, Caravels, Fear Before, Animal Faces, Moving MountainsCaust, Dead Poetic and Endor aka PROPER Screamo.

WATCH FOR WOLVES are a bit of an anomaly. When I hear the soft/hard dynamic of post-hardcore with screaming and some clean vocals, I generally find it a watered-down copy whose genetic makeup is straightforward and not creative in the least (think of the 3rd clone in Multiplicity, assuming you're old as shit). This band employs their screaming vocalist about 70% of the time with soft clean vocals from one guitar player (the guy with the huge beard) about 25% and the other guitar player bringing home the final 5% with the catchiest melodies of all, who passionately croons whilst bordering on yelling. One would expect a lot of cheese, rehashed songs and gimmicks, but these 5 tracks are surprisingly original and they're the band's first recordings, so I'm left to fantasize about what they will do in the future. I should also point out that the bassist (David) is exceptional and plays in Gulfer, a math-rock outfit from Montreal.

"Picking Sides" shows the band with no vocal melodies, it's just a straightforward screamy post-hardcore song ala State Faults and The Sky Above And Earth Below. It is apparent from the get-go that these guys know how to write music and properly structure a song - and again, this is their first album!!! It's screamy hardcore, but there's a very obvious alternative/rock vibe underlying everything, as it doesn't get bat-shit crazy like other chaotic screamo bands. I guess they're a melodic screamo band (if we want to play the genre game) - but again, they have little-to-no cheese, unlike some of their brethren.

"I Hope They're Right" is by far and away my favourite WATCH FOR WOLVES track. This sucka has everything - Gospel/State Faults guitar wailing, screamed vocals, some well-placed clean vocals from the other 2 singers, driving melodies, some faster and more aggressive moments and a hell of a bass-driven breakdown at the 3:44-mark ("My best days are behind me!") that screams These Arms Are Snakes. The vocal interplay that utilizes all 3 vocalists during the final 30 seconds is another high point of the album. If you listen to one song, make it this one.

"Jacob" is the band's epic closer. This is a great song, but it also brings to the forefront one of my issues with the band. They are able to mix some clean vocals in really nicely that accentuate the music and melodies. However, it sometimes sounds forced and can border on what I would call "too emo". That's not a backhanded slap to the band or the genre, the occasional vocals just sound a little too nice, fragile, weak and thin for the music being played. When watching them live I noticed this generally all comes from one of the two guitarists. He usually hits some great notes, but occasionally falters in the choice of what singing voice he uses.

Also, they kick ass live and are amazing people.


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2013 - Count It All In Joy cdEP (PURCHASE cd here)


(2013) WATCH FOR WOLVES - "I Hope They're Right" (from 'Count It All In Joy') live video

(2013) WATCH FOR WOLVES - "Picking Sides" (from 'Count It All In Joy')

(2013) WATCH FOR WOLVES - "Jacob" (from 'Count It All In Joy')


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