Wednesday 26 February 2014

***LA PARADE song premiere***

Did anyone notice that LA PARADE's "Lo Que Fui, Lo Que Soy" was on last month's OMSB Mp3 mix and was released before the album? 'Voces del Exilio' has since been released so watch the video below, stream the entire album here and then buy it here. This is a phenomenal debut album so do yourself a favour and check out a song or two, at least. For fans of melodic and screamy post-hardcore with stellar rock moments, you know, like Sed Non Satiata, Standstill, Milanku, (Satellite Years-era) Hopesfall and (early) Alexisonfire.

Check back tonight for the MAHRIA interview. Massive!


LA PARADE - "Lo Que Fui, Lo Que Soy" audio track

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