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GenresPunk / Grind / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Metalcore / Screamo / Thrash
Related artistsThe Bled, Groundwork, Absinthe, Catharsis and Scathe.
CountryArizona, USA
Years Active1999-2002
Song: "Colostomy Heart"
Album: "Man Versus Humanity split"
Year: 2000
Label(s): Code of Ethics / Slave Union / Ambit Records / Per Koro / Stickfigure Records
This post's artist is from the February 2014 Mix. This is track #14.
You can download the February 2014 Mix#2 right here.
For fans ofDispensing Of False Halos, Pg.99, Rats Into RobotsOwen Hart
                 (old) Cave InAmenra, (old) The Bled, (old) Codeseven, Black Kites, Neil Perry,
                 You And I, D'Amore, Caitlyn Bailey, Caught In The Fall, Since By ManCreeper,
                 Beneath The Ashes, This Ship Will Sink, The Assistant, In First Person,
                 In Reverent Fear and (Lone) Wolf And Cub.

Although this isn't a band that I spin regularly, chances are most readers have never heard of them and I'm sure a few people will end up downloading the songs I've posted. I found out about BURY ME STANDING after following the purchase of the Madeline Ferguson split about a decade ago after reading that Madeline Ferguson sounded like Neil Perry. Twasn't the most accurate comparison. However, and lucky for me, the other side of the split (or 2nd half of the cd, in this case) was pretty sweet.

BURY ME STANDING plays intelligent thrash/hardcore with some serious toying in the metallic screamo genre. If you like heavier You And I, old The Bled (it is the same vocalist, after all - but the newer guy) and Dispensing Of False Halos then I am certain you will be downloading this band's discography after listening to the embedded tracks below. I'll talk about my 4 favourite songs and then we're done.

"Colostomy Heart" from the Man Vs Humanity split melds You And I with Dispensing Of False Halos...basically metallic screamo, with more emphasis placed on the metallic part, which also borders on Owen Hart style thrash and crusty hardcore.
(2000) BURY ME STANDING - "Colostomy Heart" (from 'Man Vs. Humanity' split)


"Razorwire Highway to the Promised Land" again dabbles primarily is chaotic grind/hardcore with some interesting stop and starts near the end of the song and has a bit more variety than the band's earlier work.
(2002) BURY ME STANDING - "Razorwire Highway to the Promised Land" (from 'Madeline Ferguson' split)


"Like Flies to Shit" is definitely a mishmash of This Ship Will Sink and The Assistant mixed with some nice emo/screamo that some facebook community elitists would probably shit their pants over until the song blasts back into high gear at the 3-minute mark.
(2002) BURY ME STANDING - "Like Flies to Shit" (from 'Madeline Ferguson' split)


Lastly, the final minute of "Dead Air" is a build to an amazing close with screaming galore over some blast breakdowns ala Black Kites and old Cave In and The Bled.
(2002) BURY ME STANDING - "Dead Air" (from 'Madeline Ferguson' split)


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

1999 - Empires Today, Ashes Tomorrow cdEP

2000 - This Machine Kills Split 7" (if anyone has this please post it!)
2000 - Man Vs. Humanity Split 7"

2002 - Madeline Ferguson Split cdEP

BURY ME STANDING out-of-print discography mp3 download (minus the This Machine Kills split 7")



  1. This blog is awesome!! Thanks a lot for Funeral Diner, Yaphet Kotto, Off Minor, ...Who Calls So Loud, etc.

    I really appreciate if you can reup the Bury Me Standing records. I can share a number of HeartattaCk with an interview of them if you want.

    Cheers from Argentina!!

    1. Glad you like! I appreciate the kind words, as I'm sure the bands do!

      Do you mean physical copies of HeartAttack? Yes!

    2. Hey sorry for the delay and for my English! I should have said that I can share scans of the interview with Bury Me Standing if you want, I don't have an extra copy of that number, maybe from others.

      Thanks for the reup!!

      Best wishes.

    3. Sounds good!

  2. your link has expired, any chance of a re-up?

  3. of the complete discography,I meant

  4. out of print discography, I meant-sorry!!!!

    1. It's up!!Yc0QUZII!7fMx_kyOtRP9CYSQWU6-nWGwYX8ZwJleWWR1Kn8TBlk

    2. that link is not working either Dave... I Thank-You for your attentiveness per my inquiry, my man...

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  5. Is there any chance you can re up this? The link is dead again :(

    Thanks in advance

  6. Affirmative Dave,-THANK YOU, SINCERILY!!!!

  7. The two WMA files converted to MP3


  8. Thank you for noticing Bury Me Standing! I played bass on the mad ferg split lp and released the vinyl version with my friend Ronnie from code of ethics records. I was very proud of these songs, but both bands had broken up by the time the lp & cd were released, so it just kind of faded away.
    I wanted to clear a couple ex-members issues: there were always 2 vocalists in Bury Me Standing, but the one consistent vocalist was Brendan DeSmet from the 90s bands groundwork & absinthe. Also, Jeremy Talley, who played guitar on "colostomy heart," left BMS and started the Bled. Jeremy did not play on the split lp.

    1. Wow this amazing to find . And it’s amazing that Bill has seen this as well . I was the drummer for BMS on this split with mad ferg.. an amazing experience