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GenresPunk / Noise Rock / Math Rock / Grind / Instrumental / Post-Hardcore / 
             Experimental / Prog Rock / Screamo
Related artistsUltra Dolphins and Gull.
CountryVirginia, USA
Years Active2002-2009
Song: "Terrier of the Pale Moon"
Album: "Harpoon"
Year: 2004
Label(s): The Perpetual Motion Machine / Rorschach Records / Narshardaa Records
This post's artist is from the February 2014 Mix. This is track #8.
You can download the February 2014 Mix#2 right here.
For fans ofHorse The Band, Ahleuchatistas, An Albatross, XBXRX, Polysics!, Jaguar Love,
                  The Advantage, Lord Snow, Ultra Dolphins and Piglet.

SNACK TRUCK was a random drums and guitar/keyboard screamy hardcore/grind/math rock find I grabbed about 10 years ago. It's fucking weird, but it's also really good if you have an open mind. Think An Albatross with a healthier dose of screamo/keyboard/math rock/stoner rock, but the vocals aren't as theatrical and overall the music is a little less...weird, but not by much. There's still a fair amount of synth, but it's utilized in a way that makes me actually enjoy it. P.S. I usually hate synths. Here's a few song breakdowns followed by the discography, 2 album downloads (the LP was ripped directly from my old record player 10 years ago) and 3 embedded tracks for your listening pleasure.

'Harpoon' LP
"Belgian Congo" sounds like An Albatross with ridiculous over the top muppets yelling during the verses and a pretty decent heavy screamy chorus. The instrumental entanglement at the 1-minute mark really does sound like what I would think the 2 words "Belgian" and "congo" would sound like if they could be put to music - and they have.

"Pheasant" follows a similar path with a weird-yet-hypnotic keyboards as the foundation. This song doesn't get the heavy, chaotic screamo treatment, but relies solely on the quirkiness and catchy-ass melody of the duo.

"Terrier of the Pale Moon" is my quintessential track, as the band perfectly mixes their weird synth-leanings with their distorted and discordant blast of screamy hardcore/noise rock.

"Big Dumb Guy" is another peculiar Polysics!-sounding jam but kicks it way better, in my opinion - as there
is some Advantage-style riffing and decent screaming using a distortion pedal ala Welcome The Plague Year.

"Peyote" is another high-pitched, distorted and wailing vocal track over some synths, slow drums, group chanting and the occasional solo lick.

'Spacial Findings' EP
"Second Level" is an amazing purely instrumental (and mostly without synths) mind-fuck. These songs on the 7" are like an epic Piglet mixed with Lord Snow.

My favourite, "Gravi-Thorn" expands on "Second Level" and almost cracks the 8-minute mark. This spacey, mathy, jazzy jaunt with distorted/feedback-laced guitars is the culmination of SNACK TRACK, without a doubt. Download and embedded songs below. Get on it.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2002/2003 - Demo 1/Demo 2 cdrLP (I need this, please post it if you have it)

2004 - Harpoon cd/12"LP (download here)

2008 - Spacial Findings 7"EP (download here)

2009 - Terrier Demos 7"EP (download here)


(2004) SNACK TRUCK - "Terrier of the Pale Moon" (from 'Harpoon')

(2004) SNACK TRUCK - "Belgian Congo" (from 'Harpoon')

(2008) SNACK TRUCK - "Gravi-Thorn" (from 'Spacial Findings')


SNACK TRUCK out-of-print (attempted) discography mp3 download