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GenresPunk / Grind / Hardcore / Dark Screamo / Skramz / Prog Rock
CountrySan Jose, California USA
Years Active2000-2001
Song: "Onomatoppaiea"
Album: "Ruhaeda"
Year: 2001
Related artistsGeorge Franklin McGowan, Makara, Dmonstrations, Dosage/Usage,
                         Burial Year and Under A Dying Son.
Label(s):          Level Plane Records / Unfun / Strictly Amateur Films / Ape of Essence /
                         Pictora Pilota / Comment Complaint

This post's artist is from the December 2013 Mix. This is track #1.
You can download the December 2013 Mix right here.
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RUHAEDA flew pretty low under the radar, as far as I know. I have absolutely no clue as to why. You could pick these cds up for $2 (new!) from 2003-2010 everywhere on the internet and most people I spoke with had never heard of the band to start with. I guess this week is relatively obscure amazing screamy hardcore bands that are underappreciated and existed about a decade ago week. That's a long title for one week.

Aight, RUHAEDA will fuck you up, plain and simple. Let's start with the drumming. As a bassist/guitarist/vocalist (all 3 are questionable) I generally don't pick up on amazing drumming. This is not the case with RUHAEDA. Holy fuck, this shit is so tight. So fast. So driving. Listen to "Onomatoppaiea" to hear what I mean. Next, the back-and-forth screaming. This was going on at a time before many bands were implementing this amazing tactic for vocals. The remainder of the instrumentals straddle something between Mohinder, City Of Caterpillar and Makara. Half of the time the band is full-out dismantling your life, and the remaining time laying down some pretty sick slow-jams that'll have you bopping your head along - right before the band cuts it off.

RUHAEDA released their only album as a cd, which you can probably still pick up cheap (so do it already!), and also as an amazing cut-out 12" vinyl. I'm trying to fund Zegema Beach Records and a goddamn plethora of new releases, so I'm willing to part with this gem. The price tag reflects how much that vinyl means to me, minus about 60% because at that price it would never sell. I haven't posted it yet, but it'll go up by this weekend for sure. You'll be able to find it here. Share these mp3s with people who should know about this band. There's a fucking lot them.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2001 - Ruhaeda cd/12"LP


(2001) RUHAEDA - "Onomatoppaeia" (from 'Ruhaeda')

(2001) RUHAEDA - "Keratosis" (from 'Ruhaeda')

(2001) RUHAEDA - "Into the Desert" (from 'Ruhaeda')

(2001) RUHAEDA - "Spectro Photo" (from 'Ruhaeda')


RUHAEDA out-of-print discography mp3 download



  1. I know you think you're doing people a favor by giving them our music for free, but you aren't. Please let it be known that NO ONE in this band supports pirating our work or the work of other artists.

    1. This band has been dead for over a decade. Who is this?