Tuesday, 3 September 2013

(-) RARE ITEMS up for sale - act now!

Dream coming true. Check out the official website with art, bands, audio & video, bandcamp, interviews and the new early-bird rare releases section. All rare items in the ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS store have only 1 COPY, so get over there fast and don't miss out on these ridiculously obscure items! Some releases that are crazy out-of-print are up and will continue to go up in order to help with pressing costs:

The rare and out-of-print items are up and available to purchase on the ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS store.  Some bands include:

Off Minor, Loma Prieta, Riddle Of Steel, Textbook Traitors, Cave In, Bright Calm Blue, Botch, Storm The Bastille, This Ship Will Sink, Cease Upon The Capitol, Mansions, The Great Redneck Hope, Ampere, Daitro, Mara'akate, Hot Cross, Raein, Welcome The Plague Year, Die Emperor Die, Gifts From Enola, Amanda Woodward, Old Man Gloom, Dakota/Dakota, The Assistant, Capsule, Native and Bravo Fucking Bravo.

Yeah, that's just some.

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