Sunday, 2 February 2020

***VIENTRE music video premiere***

exclusive music video premiere


VIENTRE have been making a name for themselves as of late, not just releasing music, but also touring and playing in multiple bands. The Cali, Colombia band asked me to premiere their new music video for their digital single "Fronteras" (which will show up on a summer EP of the same name), likely knowing that I would hop at the chance after reading this review. The video is a collection of footage from the band's 2019 U.S./Mexico tour and the song was recorded by Miguel Mendez, in Carne Débil studio. Let's get to it!

(2019) VIENTRE "Fronteras" official music video
The video begins with a shot from inside of an airplane above the clouds, marking the beginning of their tour. After the first ten seconds the song really leaps out and mashes with shot-after-shot of blended tour videos. The mixture of Spanish hardcore and French screamo and unmistakable, think Joliette meets Daitro and you're pretty much there. The song is littered with live footage, beautiful panoramic shots, chaotic bludgeoning as well as mesmerizing clean vocals and atmospheric passages. Shit, this has it all. Enjoy!!!


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