Thursday, 17 October 2019

***NEW FORMS exclusive song premiere***

"transitions in meta"
exclusive song premiere
 For fans ofCapsule, Dim Into Dross, Crowning, Eyelet, Ampere and Youth Funeral

tape releases Nov 1st, 2019 on Larry Records

It's pants shitting time again over here at OMSB! NEW FORMS is a brand spankin' new band featuring members from Youth Funeral, Your Waking Life, Casper Elgin and Alessa doing the best take on Capsule worship that I've ever heard. Take a listen to "transitions in meta", the fourth track (of six) that will appear on the cassette EP 'I don't want to live my life again' via Larry Records on November 1st, 2019. The band had the following to say:

Our goal as a band is to create controlled chaos. we put all of this frenetic energy into writing quick, devastating songs that allow us to exert all of our pent up confliction about the current political state, climate concerns, and other things we feel hopeless about. We all have loved screamo for a long time and have been so excited with the recent surge in interest in the genre, but we wanted to make sure we aren’t falling into common tropes and continue to make music that challenges us and that we find interesting.

Alrighty now get those diapers ready.

(2019) NEW FORMS "transitions in meta" (from 'I don't want to live my life again')

First off, this song is only 48 seconds, but it will fucking own you. Every member catapults themselves during the first second, with everyone hitting full stride together in a furious assault on the senses. The vocals are ferocious but are perhaps as yelled as they are screamed, reminding me of Dim Into Dross and Greyskull, barked alongside mind-altering drums. Four seconds in the first Capsule riff hits and it hits fucking hard, sending this listener hurtling towards outerspace. It is at the outer reaches of Earth's gravitational pull that we find ourselves come 36 seconds (after a behemoth of a breakdown) floating for a split second before the planet's inevitable pull sends us hurtling back to the band's reality of breakneck stop/starts in a final section a mere six seconds long. And then it's done. Ahhhhhh goddammit, I need another pair of new underwear.

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