Wednesday, 14 August 2019

***PIET ONTHEL exclusive premiere***

"Evil Me"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofBlue Noise, The Ultimate Screamo Band and Orchid

If you've read the PIET ONTHEL review you'll know I'm fucking smitten with this Malaysian solo screamo project (review linked here), so I'm shitting my pants over here waiting to show you the new song from their upcoming 4-song 's(EP)kitojange(pecoh)' releasing on cassette and 7" via Missed Out Records and Dingleberry Records in the fall of 2019. I need say nothing else, as this shit rips!

(2019) PIET ONTHEL "Evil Me" (from 's(EP)kitojange(pecoh)')
This track is just 1:27, so it wastes no time with a thick, noisy and intrusive opening that dips into a swirling black-metal/post-hardcore section that is new territory for Mashi but it sounds awesome. After repeating the intro with lyrics over top, the song takes a dancey turn that resembles the demo EP, and even throws an additional melodic guitar over it all, bringing Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket to mind. The final few seconds is a wash of white noise which serves as a final, loving slap in the face. Keep it up Mashi, this shit is ace. 💘


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