Thursday, 8 August 2019

***MARÉE NOIRE exclusive premiere***

"Taire Le Désordre"
exclusive song premiere
For fans ofCrowning, Amanda Woodward and Yarostan

MARÉE NOIRE was nice enough to ask us to premiere their new stand-alone track titled "Taire Le Désordre". After their most recent split with my good friends in Crowning, they are presenting this track in conjunction with their tour with the fantastic Frail Body (which includes a member of Crowning). The 2:45 song is the first with their newest member and by far their most righteous (lol) track to date. Enough jibber jabber, to the song!

(2019) MARÉE NOIRE "Taire Le Désordre"
The song begins with a brief spoken word introduction in French before the band lays into it like Daitro going full tilt. The punishing hardcore (think Hundreds Of AU) is balanced perfectly with a European screamo vibe (nods to Amanda Woodward). The jammy midsection is gutted come 1:45 with an epic build, pushed along by chugging guitars and fantastically shredded screams. If you have the chance I'd strongly recommend hitting up their tour that start on August 13th, 2019!

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