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***2017 OMSB mp3 Mix #2 (February)***

February 2017 mp3 MIX #2
 => ***DOWNLOAD HERE*** <=
...and updates

This month this blog will surpass 500,000 hits which is pretty cool. Thanks a million (or maybe half a million) for checking this out and supporting the bands reviewed and interviewed herein. If you follow my posts on one of the dozens of facebook communities I post in, as of this post I will no longer be doing so unless it is a premiere of some kind or related to Zegema Beach Records. So if you'd like to stay tuned in on all the great new (and old) bands being posted here, either follow the OMSB facebook page here or join the new community that I've created INTERNATIONAL ENDMUSIC here. It's only been up for a week but some great stuff has already been posted and I will be posting some exclusive and early premieres just in the INTERNATIONAL ENDMUSIC community.

On January 1st, 2017 the almighty Zampler series was released as installment #8 - 'I'm Doing My Part'. It's up for a donation based download and full streaming here and will be in my hands for the January 21st ZBR Show (linked here) at undisclosed house with:
- Wimp City
- The World That Summer
- Terry Green
- La Luna
- Respire (12" Hamilton release show)

Also don't forget that ZBR Fest is coming up on June 2nd and 3rd at Soybomb with almost 13 bands confirmed already from Canada and the USA. There will also be a Thursday pre-fest show at D-Beatstro with 5 bands, all confirmed. More info on who soon.

And lastly, here's the tracklisting for OMSB mix#12 that was reviewed in December.

1) RUTKA LASKIER - Zničit - Změnit - Stavět


3) HIVE MIND - An Ambiguous Utopia

4) UZIEL - Goodbye

5) FOLLY - Forfeit Sundials


7) RANDY - Now and Forever

8) RITUAL MESS - Actualize the Taste

9) WE WATCH CLOUDS - birds will shit over your bleeding gums

10) RINOA - Memory

Much love,

Dave / OMSB / ZBR


ZBR Store/Bandcamp

SUBJECTS/RULERS 'Subjects//Rulers' LP
tape (order here)
(listen here)

THEY SLEEP WE LIVE 'Escaping the Measures of Time' EP
12" (order here)
(listen here)

RESPIRE 'Gravity and Grace' LP
12" (order here)
(listen here)


***Interviews/Live shows coming up this month for sure:
- THE WORLD THAT SUMMER tour diary day #2 w/Carcajou and In The Name Of Havoc
- THE WORLD THAT SUMMER tour diary day #3 w/Slow Mass, Shahman and Fond

***Interviews/Live shows/premieres posted last month:
- Best of 2016
- CROWNING song premiere
- THEY SLEEP WE LIVE interview
- THE WORLD THAT SUMMER tour diary day #1 w/Eyelet, Foxmoulder and Wimp City
EYELET video interview
- LIFE IN VACUUM podcast
- NANETTE song premiere
- IL MARE DI ROSS interview

***The following page have changes:
- THE 21ST AGENDA: music video for "Grace (Disgrace)"
- KIDCRASH - discography download (here)
- YAGE - discography download (here)
- MAJORITY RULE - discography download (here)
- EYES OF VEROTIKA - discography download (here)
- KID KILOWATT - discography download (here)

As always, on or around the 1st of every month, I will be posting a ZIP file with songs for the upcoming month with ALL specifics deleted from the tags, so unless you already know the band, there is NO information regarding each track.

During the following month, I will post reviews for those bands and link the tracks to the review so you can associate the two together. This way you can listen to a new song/band and have little-to-no bias. Below, I have re-posted the January mp3 mix that is used for this month's reviews.

The new OMSB mp3 Mix #2 has ten tracks, including:
*-* blistering metallic hardcore/grind from the rarely discussed Swiss Family _____________ aka _____________ Crusoe
*-* a band that sounds more like Deafheaven than Deafheaven
*-* pre-Crowning
*-* pretty new and obscure sludgy hardcore not unlike an amalgamation of Furnace, Capsule and Cassilis
*-* Thursday meets At The Drive In


Any bands/labels that are interested in having their stuff reviewed, please email with "Open Mind Saturated Brain" as the subject. Please keep in mind that I don't review everything, just what jives with the blog. I will, however, listen to everything you send me. I would recommend emailing with an idea for a song/album premiere 2 months prior to that song/album release date for a much stronger chance at being reviewed on this blog. Bands that have already had their discography reviewed can also submit new albums for review if they include song/album premieres.

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