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GenresPunk / Emo / Emotive Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Post-Metal / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Prog / Atmospheric / Noise
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Country: Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, Znojmo, Brno CZECH REPUBLIC
Years Active2014-present
Song: "Zničit - Změnit - Stavět"
Album: "EP/LP"
Year: 2015
For fans ofOld Soul, Nic (aka ██████), Daïtro, Angel Eyes, Swan Of Tuonela, City Of Caterpillar, Sed Non Satiata, They Sleep We Live, , Evylock, Funeral Diner, ...Who Calls So Loud, Potence, Envy, Ravelin 7 and Yarostan aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the November 2016 Mix. This is track #1.
You can download: the December 2016 Mix#12 right here or get the new January 2017 Mix#1 here.

Rutka Laskier sas a 14 year old who kept a diary for three weeks at Auschwitz before being murdered which you can read about here. Based on the child's name, the band RUTKA LASKIER hails from the Czech Republic and was first introduced to me by Jimmy of Old Soul via this podcast (linked here). He showed me "Chápat - Ucit Se - Milovat" and I was intrigued but not blown away although after downloading it and jamming it a few times, however, I shit my pants. Their first proper release came in mid-2015 with 'EP/LP', an apt title for this album with a very fringe length that weaves dreamy, atmospheric and explosive screamo/post-rock - think Old Soul meets Daïtro.

On 'EP/LP' opener "Den Za Snem" toys with the listener during the first two minutes, as they build tension using extremely sparse ambient noise, but after that the accumulating tide reaches the shore and will likely have you bobbing along to the spacey and rolling post-hardcore/screamo that wobbles back and forth between melody and chaos. Despite its awesomeness, track one also happens to be the worst song on the record. "Chápat - Ucit Se - Milovat" follows and incorporates minimal instrumentals again to start, instead opting for birds and then a dreamy, almost 80s sounding build that injects some tappy fingers and is fanfuckingtastic. At 2:14 the song hits full force, sounding much akin to France's Daïtro and by 3:20 the band gets pretty heavy which is reminiscent to Envy's 2000-ish material which extends almost until the 6:39 finish. "Zničit - Změnit - Stavět" is the shortest song, weighing in at 4:16 but also has the sickest fucking intro, jesus unholy christ. The dark and brooding guitars are minimal but effective as all hell as the song begins kinda like some Swan Of Tuonela material before the 1:24 mark when the bands get pretty goddamned screamy and drop the atmospheric/ambient cloak for a short time but take it up again right before two minutes. Closer "Toužit - Smát Se - Nežít" again opens with noise for the first minute and then delves deeply into dirty European screamo/hardcore like Potence. By two minutes we are back in lulling post-rock territory with a beautifully constructed midsection that brings Old Soul to mind and pretty much brings this review around full circle.

Well, not completely I guess. In January of 2015 they released their debut song/release titled "Bordel Tour" which clocks in at average RUTKA LASKIER length (about seven minutes) and is laced with much more of a chill vibe and includes instrumentals that remind me of Red Sparowes and Pelican on downers with zero vocals.

Hmmmmm, it is probably also worth nothing that RUTKA LASKIER has recorded two new songs, one of which will appear on the upcoming Zampler #8 on January 1st, barring any mastering setbacks. I'm not 100% sure what will happen with the two songs but Zegema Beach will nearly certainly be involved.



2015 - EP/LP digital release (stream/download here)
2015 - Bordel Tour (stream/download here)


(2015) RUTKA LASKIER - "Zničit - Změnit - Stavět" (from 'EP/LP')

(2015) RUTKA LASKIER - "Toužit - Smát Se - Nežít" (from 'EP/LP')

(2015) RUTKA LASKIER - "Chápat - Ucit Se - Milovat" (from 'EP/LP')

(2015) RUTKA LASKIER - "Tour Video 1" from Ravelin 7 tour

(2015) RUTKA LASKIER - "Tour Video 2" from Ravelin 7 tour

(2015) RUTKA LASKIER - "Bordel Tour" (from 'Bordel Tour')


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