Tuesday, 13 September 2016

***THE WORLD THAT SUMMER song premiere***

Exclusive song premiere for:
"What is Dead May Never Die" (demo version)

Here is one of two leftover demos from the very first THE WORLD THAT SUMMER recording session live off the floor with Lee on December 4th, 2015. We will be opening our shows on September 21st in Hamilton w/Eyelet and Foxmoulder (here), September 22nd in Montreal w/Carcajou and In The Name Of Havoc (here) and September 23rd in Toronto w/Shahman and Fond (here) with this song premiere for "What is Dead May Never Die". This demo version of "What is Dead May Never Die" will be released on a tape compilation called The Stars Are A Free Show #3 on Glass Of Spit Records in the UK and then rerecorded for our split with Nionde Plagan along with the song "Moth Volcano". If you haven't listened to the new Nionde Plagan record 'Frustration' you can right here. The World That Summer's debut split cassette with Apostles Of Eris is available digitally (here) or physically (here). You can check out my other band мятеж on the first two The Stars Are A Free Show compilations which I have for sale in the Zegema Beach Records store, #1/40 (here) and #2/100 (here), both of which are hand-numbered.

You can stream and download the song for free on THE WORLD THAT SUMMER's bandcamp page (linked here) or you can just jam that shit on youtube, linked below.

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