Sunday, 18 September 2016

***NINE ELEVEN exclusive music video premiere***

exclusive premiere for:
Theme D "Apocalypse"
from the upcoming 'Sentinels' 12"LP

ffo: Amanda WoodwardAussitot MortAmber and Fall Of Efrafa

Today the (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) blog has the distinguished honour of premiering the new NINE ELEVEN music video for their new, fourth, five-song 12"LP. The second video released and this premiere is for the 6:33 explosion of post-hardcore/post-metal that is "Apocalypse" aka Theme D. NINE ELEVEN is from France, features the drummer from seminal French screamo outfit Amanda Woodward and have been releasing steadily since 2009.

The video is expertly shot and this video follows a linear story instead of having a million images slapped across your face in five seconds (an embellishment, I know). The song begins like a tornado on your doorstep, with no slow builds or a second to breathe. The video begins with some really cool slow motion running through a dessert during which a finger is pointing to and following two men. Just before two minutes the song takes an subdued, eerie breather and has one man flipping a coin in the dessert while cutting in and out of The Shining. Just before three minutes we are moved inside to watch a play shrouded in darkness mixed with some very uncomfortable imagery, such as the concoction of hard drugs and image manipulations of the dead sisters in The Shining. By five minutes we are brought back to see the two men, now buried up to their chests in the sand as the song topples and crushes itself under its own weight. Hot damn what a banger.

On Monday (aka tomorrow) the band will release Themes C and D on their websites tomorrow and pre-orders will go up at that time for the 'Sentinels' 12"LP also. The record is really just one song at 35 minutes that the band cut into five tracks, each with a unique and professional music video. On 9/11 they dropped the first video, called Theme B "Guidecca" linked here. After Monday be on the lookout for Themes A and E although I am unsure of the release dates for those. Member Antoine Grezel (ex-Amanda Woodward and Aussitot Mort) had this to say. "The album is a patriach and the figure of a son/student. At the end he appears to be one person lost in that duality."

A heaping pile of thank you's go out to Antoine as well as the entire band for trusting me with this killer premiere. Love y'all, and this is an amazing album.

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