Monday, 16 November 2015

***OMSB Podcast #5 - Olin Dunleavy aka Friendly Otter Records***

"I listened to screamo as kind of my backbone and my best friend. I moved around a bunch and I didn't really have a consistent best friend, but I did have that Portraits Of Past LP when I was 15, y'know? And I guess that made the difference."
~Olin Dunleavy

Olin is my boy from the US who currently resides in Chicago. He runs Friendly Otter Records. He is a fantastic human being. He also lets loose some huge news about the band called Mans...check it out!

***OMSB Podcast #5 - Olin Dunleavy (Friendly Otter)***

Friendly Otter bandcamp

Friendly Otter store

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