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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Screamo
Related artistsGroundwork, Bats & Mice, R.a.m.b.o., Delegate, Montag and Policy Of Three.
CountryRichmond, Virginia USA
Years Active1996-2000
Song: "If You're a Joke I Don't Get It"
Album: "The New Imperialism"
Year: 2000
For fans ofEthel MeserveTwelve Hour TurnThe Exploder, EcorcheSleepytime TrioMaximillian ColbySaetia, Anasarca, Indian Summer, Inkwell, Bright Calm Blue, Secret Smoker, Portaits of Past, ...Who Calls So Loud, Current, Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, Frodus, Wolves, Sketchbooks, Rye CoalitionCongratulations, The Book Of Dead Names, I Hate Myself, Honeywell, Montcalm, Ken Burns and Navio Forge aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): The Great American Steak Religion / Lovitt Records / Smooth Lips Records / SNC Empire / Yuletide Records / Rosepetal Records
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FOUR HUNDRED YEARS were an extremely influential band that began in Tuscon, Arizona but ended up in Richmond, Virginia. The meshing of screamy hardcore with a progressive sense of melody and a plethora of witty, politically charged lyrics transported via screams and crooning was extremely ahead of its time and is highly enjoyable to listen to almost two decades later.

The band first released a four song EP called 'Four Hundred Years' and their debut full length 'Suture' in 1997. Both releases are stellar and summon the sounds of Sleepytime Trio, The Exploder and Twelve Hour Turn. The band's occasional swings into singing bring I Hate Myself to mind while "Love Letter to the CIA" has obviously influenced the likes of Secret Smoker. "Six Minutes"is a rare comp track that eventually landed on the re-issue of 'Suture and Other Songs' in 1999 that compiled some of the out of print material two years after the initial 'Suture' LP dropped. Just listen to the explosive beginning of that screeches to a halt to make way for a subdued rhythm worthy of Slint comparisons before bringing back in Twelve Hour Turn southern styled screamo.

1998's 'Transmit Failure' was an evolutionary step for the band that I enjoy, but not as much as 'Suture'. Most songs are good but they don't hit me the in the same way, save for "Hour Too Late" which is a phenomenal song that brings Montcalm and Ken Burns to mind - oooo baby. The title track "Transmit Failure" is another gem that boasts some very impressive poppy vocal work amidst the screaming.

It became quite apparent upon hearing FOUR HUNDRED YEARS (back in 2011 or so) that two of my favourite late 90s screamo bands Ecorche and Bright Calm Blue (vocalist Ian Whitmore, in particular) were heavily influenced by these fellas. I think the band's final effort 'The New Imperialism' demonstrates this admirably with "If You're a Joke I Don't Get It" as it constantly crosses back and forth over dancey melodic territory and isolated explosions of screaming and bass. This was also the album, and song in particular, that got me hooked on FOUR HUNDRED YEARS. Now it's your turn.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

1996 - Sleepytime Trio split 7"EP
1996 - ABC's of Punk comp cd/7"+12" (contributed "Sequence")

1997 - Suture 12"LP
1997 - Four Hundred Years 7"EP
1997 - The 51 Comp 12"LP (contributed "Six Minutes)

1998 - Transmit Failure cd/12"LP

1999 - Suture and Other Songs cdLP

2000 - The New Imperialism cd/10"LP


(2000) FOUR HUNDRED YEARS - "If You're A Joke I Don't Get It" (from 'The New Imperialism')

(1998) FOUR HUNDRED YEARS - "Hour Too Late" (from 'Transmit Failure')

(1997) FOUR HUNDRED YEARS - "Love Letter to the CIA" (from 'Suture')

(1997) FOUR HUNDRED YEARS - "Level Playing Field" (from 'Suture')

(1997) FOUR HUNDRED YEARS - "Six Minutes" (from 'The 51 Comp')

(1997) FOUR HUNDRED YEARS - "Red Tape" (from 'Four Hundred Years')

(1996) FOUR HUNDRED YEARS - "Radio Silence" (from 'Sleepytime Trio' split)


FOUR HUNDRED YEARS out of print mp3 discography download

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