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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Sass / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo
Related artistsThe Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love, Soiled Doves, The Vogue, Past Lives, Neon Blonde, The Gossip and champagne, champagne.
CountrySeattle, USA
Years Active1997-1999
Song: "Bridget Bardot"
Album: "Jough Dawn Baker split"
Year: 1999
Label(s): Henry's Finest Recordings / World Of Hurt Records / Edema
This post's artist is from the April 2015 Mix. This is track #10.
You can download: the April Mix#4 right here or get the new May 2015 Mix#5 here.
For fans ofThe ExplosionYaphet Kotto, The Blood Brothers, Jeer At RomeThese Arms Are Snakes, Rye Coalition, Indian Summer, Francis BradyNavio Forge, Current, Kill Sadie, Since By Man, September and Die Princess Die aka PROPER SCREAMO.

There's something about VADE that screams The Blood Brothers meets The Explosion. I know those bands are not similar, but if you take very early Johnny Whitney vocals (The Blood Brothers/this band) and dispersed it over instrumentals of mid-90s emo/screamy hardcore such as Yaphet Kotto or Jeer At Rome then you already have an excellent idea as to what this band sounds like. Just listen to "Baltimore"'s intro to hear what I'm talking about.

The band's 1999 'split with Jough Dawn Baker they went from young lads bringing some interesting things to the table to injecting some seriously engaging and genre-shattering punk/emo/post-hardcore/sass-rock. "Bridget Bardot" is the penultimate VADE song in my opinion, as it has this creepy vibe with spoken word that slowly trickles to the sarcastically spat lyrics such as "Silence is a funny fellow. It's an easel of nothing but blank cold and disappointment," just after the two-minute mark and it's one hell of a chorus that could be found on a Francis Brady song. Another killer tune from the split is "Jupiter, Beyond the Infinite" that reminds me most of The Blood Brothers early material (their self-titled 7" in particular) with a heavy, sassy dose of Rye Coalition. "Winter Recovery System" would have been the best song on 'Saturn' had it been released on said 7". Alas it was not and is therefore the weakest song on this particular release. Even so, it's worth a listen and is the most aggressive track overall. This release in particular is smarmy, indecent, awkward and fucking amazing.

Both songs on 'Saturn' are whinier and about six and half minutes each. For the first two minutes "Red Cloud Demise" sounds like Nirvana. The rest of the song branches off from here and could be likened to bands like September or other early emo stuff after the 2:20-mark. The intro for "Baltimore" is so Yaphet Kotto on instrumentals I find myself confused and amused upon each listen. It's a dreary and haunting episode that sounds like a horror movie in the woods mixed with a crippling mental illness, but is never chaotic or screamy, it's just unnerving. It sprinkles some nice vocals from Hannah Blilie that compliment the melodies quite well. I like this 7" but the split is far superior. Jon (aka the man) just sent me the demo so I've updated the mp3 download with the entire discography. Grab the discography in download below.


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1997 - Demo cassetteEP
1997 - Saturn 7"EP

1999 - Jough Dawn Baker split 12"LP


(1999) VADE - "Bridget Bardot" (from 'Jough Dawn Baker' split)

(1999) VADE - "Jupiter, Beyond the Infinite" (from 'Jough Dawn Baker' split)

(1997) VADE - "Red Cloud's Demise" (from 'Saturn')


VADE out of print mp3 discography download / additional links

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  2. Thanks a lot! I'd never heard about this band before, whereas I was a huge fan of the Blood Brothers and I still listen to Head Wound City & Past Lives.