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GenresPunk / Metallic Screamo / Screamo / Emo-Violence / Hardcore / Skramz
Related artistsGet Rad and Forensics.
CountryMilwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Years Active2002-2005
Song: "Force Fed Voices"
Album: "You Pull the Strings that Make Us Dance"
Year: 2002
Label(s): Magic Bullet Records / Electric Human Project
This post's artist is from the October 2014 Mix. This is track #1.
You can download the October Mix#10 right here or get the new November Mix#11 here.
For fans of: Deadseraphim, Jeromes Dream, Seyarse, Welcome The Plague Year, Joshua Fit For Battle, JiyunaBack When, Anger Is Beautiful, Saetia, Storm The Bastille, Neil Perry, Kaospilot, Rats Into Robots, Louise Cyphre, Tristan Tzara, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, мища, Orchid, Deers!, The Third Memory, United Nations, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, (early) Tentacles, (early) Mara'akate, Me And Him Call It UsBeau Navire, Francis BradyLa Mantra De Fhiqria and Foxmoulder aka PROPER SCREAMO.

TEXTBOOK TRAITORS played amazing metallic screamo meets emo-violence with violent guitars and blasting drums. Kinda Neil Perry meets Kaospilot and Orchid with really screamy vocals, ala Deadseraphim and early Mara'akate. The band's later material has more of an Orchid and Kaospilot-light sound, but the band's first EP 'You Pull the Strings that Make Us Dance' was much more metallic influenced instrumentally and screechy vocals.

TEXTBOOK TRAITORS were such an amazing and underappreciated band - especially the 'You Pull the Strings' EP, that is unbelievable. Blast "Force Fed Voices" and you'll understand. Erik, I partially regret selling you that cd, goddamn. Grab this download now because Erik is the drummer for Lord Snow and therefore there's nothing else I need to say.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2002 - You Pull the Strings that Make Us Dance cdEP

2003 - Rats Into Robots split 7" (songs on vinyl collections)
2003 - 2 Legs Bad, 38 Good Legs 7" 4-way split w/Corn On Macabre, Crimson Spectre and Witchcraft By A Picture (contributed "One Fleeting Moment")

2004 - Vinyl Collections Vol. 1 cdEP

2005 - Forensics split 12"EP (songs on vinyl collections)


(2002) TEXTBOOK TRAITORS - "Force Fed Voices" (from 'You Pull the Strings that Make Us Dance')

(2002) TEXTBOOK TRAITORS - "A Fine Day to Die" (from 'You Pull the Strings that Make Us Dance')

(2003) TEXTBOOK TRAITORS - "A Notre Temps" (from 'Rats Into Robots' split)

(2003) TEXTBOOK TRAITORS - "One Fleeting Moment" (from '2 Legs Bad, 38 Good Legs')

(2004) TEXTBOOK TRAITORS - "Just Yesterday" (from 'Vinyl Collections Vol 1.')


TEXTBOOK TRAITORS out of print mp3 discography (minus the Forensics split) download

(download here)


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