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GenresPunk / Screamo / Emo-violence / Metallic Hardcore / Skramz
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CountryTrier, GERMANY
Years Active2001-2010
Song: "Es Ging Mir Schonmal Besser"
Album: "Synkopenleben, Nein Danke"
Year: 2005
Label(s): Electric Human Project / React With Protest / Totenschiff / I've Come For Your Children
This post's artist is from the September 2014 Mix. This is track #8.
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For fans of: Virginia On Duty, The Flying Worker, RavinJeromes Dream, Mr. Willis Of Ohio, Gas Up Yr Hearse!, Saetia, Neil Perry, Beau Navire, Mahria, The Truth About Dreaming, La Quiete, June PaikUtarid, Rayleigh, Loma Prieta, Dispensing Of False Halos, Resurrectionists, A Fine Boat That CoffinУлыбайся Ветру/Smile To The WindA Company Of Heroes, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, OrchidKilled By Malaise and Am I Dead Yet? aka PROPER SCREAMO.

DANSE MACABRE was a band from Germany that I followed throughout their decade long tenure as a band. In that time they went through many shifts, with the strongest material landing on 2005's 'Synkopenleben, Nein Danke' cd/12"LP that was released on the amazing labels Electric Human Project and React With Protest. They had a lot of material and I can't cover it all so here are some musings on a few of my favourite tracks. Basically, if you dig thick, metallic, screamy hardcore European-style (aka Reach With Protest) with some clean screamo parts akin to Mr. Willis Of Ohio, La Quiete and June Paik. Okay let's go.

"Further Research is Needed" is easily one of the band's best, as it blasts forward right out of the gates and harnesses some deep, screamy as well as back-and-forth vocal work later on ala Virginia On Duty and Joshua Fit For Battle.

"Eine Frage der Opportunitätskosten" has some nifty Portrait-esque guitars layered beneath the heavy layers on top, not unlike Mahria.

"Ich Habe Keine Ansteckende Krandkheit Auber Besoffski" jumps right in with a nifty hardcore intro amid some sweet palm-muted riffage before A Fine Boat That Coffin.

"Gregor" reminds me of older La Quiete before they really settled into grooves and lighter stuff (relatively speaking) like on the LP.

"Ein Eiser Tod" screams Jeromes Dream vocals (ha) and has some great twinkly parts.

Some songs really have a deeper scream going on, such as in "Phoenix", which is blasty European screamy, emotional hardcore. This then bleeds into an awesome 90s midwestern remiriffent (aka reminiscent riff, boo urns, David)  I Hate Myself before delving back in Dispensing Of False Halos territory. "Le Zero et L'Infini" has a serious Dispensing Of False Halos  outro, which is very heavy/metal influenced son of a bitch.

"Es Ging Mir Schonmal Besser" screams Orchid and The Flying Worker and newer stuff like Улыбайся Ветру/Smile To The Wind, Virginia On Duty and Ravin. Really heavy, more technical with much more polished recordings. The part from 1:10 onwards is so The Flying Worker you're going to shit your pants, if you like that band..or awesome European screamo with a bit of synths.

"Syntax Error" is another song that layers a cool, melodic riff under screaming and heavy riffage. Such a good song. Screamo enthusiasts that haven't heard this band should be losing their minds at this point.

All in all, they weren't the greatest band in the world  but they definitely left us with some amazing songs and cool releases. Grab that complete discography yo. Where? Here.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2002 - Die Kritik Ist Keine Leidenschaft Des Kopfes... 7"EP

2003 - Killed By Malaise split 7"
2003 - Sounds of Awareness comp cassette (contributed "Untitled")

2005 - Synkopenleben, Nein Danke cd/12"LP
2005 - The Emo Armageddon comp 7" (contributed "Merci Beaucoup, Warenform")

2006 - Her Breath On Glass split 7"picdisc

2007 - Am I Dead Yet? split 7"

2009 - Einerseits/Andererseits 10"EP/LP?


(2009) DANSE MACABRE - "Further Research is Needed" (from 'Einerseits/Andererseits')

(2006) DANSE MACABRE - "Ich Habe Keine Ansteckende Krandkheit Auber Besoffski" (from 'Her Breath On Glass' split 7")

(2005) DANSE MACABRE - "Syntax Error" (from 'Synkopenleben, Nein Danke')

(2005) DANSE MACABRE - "Es Ging Mir Schonmal Besser" (from 'Synkopenleben, Nein Danke')

(2002) DANSE MACABRE - "Ein Eiser Tod" (from 'Die Kritik Ist Keine Leidenschaft Des Kopfes...')

(2002) DANSE MACABRE - "Phoenix" (from 'Die Kritik Ist Keine Leidenschaft Des Kopfes...')


DANSE MACABRE out of print mp3 discography download

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