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GenresPunk / Avant-Technical / Improv-Core / Math-Metal / Art-Damage / Noise / Post-Rock / Alternative / Ambient
Related artistsDoom Ribbons and Blind Thorns.
CountryAsheville, North Carolina USA
Years Active2003-2012
Song: "Lacerate"
Album: "On the Culture Industry"
Year: 2003
Label(s): Angura Sound / Noseater Failed Industries / Cuneiform Records / Tzadik / Open Letter Records / SAID Records / Gaffer Records / Hello Sir Records / Harvest Recordings
This post's artist is from the September 2014 Mix. This is track #3.
You can download the September Mix#9 right here or get the new October Mix#10 here.
For fans of: The Advantage, HellaKing Crimson, Wishbone Ash, Town Portal, Psyopus, Off Minor and Sacrifice Poles, as well as other crazy instrumental/noise stuff.

The trio and eventual duo that AHLEUCHATISTAS play a very cool instrumental jazz/rock style that only a few other bands can manage, as they straddle melodic mathy parts that will leaving your head spinning alongside mind-numbing weirdness like a goddamn champ. A seasoned veteran who is actually seasoned in cajun. Imagine Mario and Luigi snorting coke and then rocking the fuck out. Seriously take "Rpg2" for example. It's so The Advantage, with an amazing bass riff/spacey start that unfortunately closes out with an actual Mario-esque riff which leaves me salivating on the floor. So my wife will pop on "Al Jazzeera" which picks me up like some French slap in the face with all that chaotic plucking mashed together with some serenading melodies. "Lacerate" is probably my favourite song by the band as it boldly struts into Off Minor/Saetia (aka Jamie Behar) territory with some really cool rolling bass lines and the fantastic dancy/dreamy closing that starts at 1:48 and blasts in with some crazy drums that are layered over yet another amazing bass riff.

To be honest, I didn't know the band had material after the first 2 albums until a few weeks ago and I haven't really delved into those yet, but from what I've personally heard it's way more experimental and less rock, perhaps because of member changes. They are working on a new album and have posted a video from their side project on their homepage here.



2003 - On the Culture Industry cdLP

2004 - The Same and the Other cd/12"LP (download here)
2004 - Friendly Bears split 7"

2006 - What You Will cdLP w/3 live videos

2007 - Even in the Midst... cdLP

2009 - Of the Body Prone cdLP

2010 - FAT32 split 10"

2011 - Location Location cdLP

2012 - Heads Full of Poison cd/2x12"LP


(2003) AHLEUCHATISTAS - "Lacerate" (from 'On the Culture Industry')

(2003) AHLEUCHATISTAS - "Al Jazzeera" (from 'On the Culture Industry')

(2004) AHLEUCHATISTAS - "Rpg2" (from 'The Same and the Other')


AHLEUCHATISTAS mp3 download / additional links

'The Same and the Other' cdLP (download here)


Band Page


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