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GenresPunk / Rock / Math Rock / Indie / Garage Rock / Alternative / Emo / Post-Hardcore
Related artistsThe Holy Shroud, The Plan, Instruments, Vkngs, The Got To Get Got, Ov GrammeState Champs, The Motes and the Street Cents Canadian tv show!
Country: Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA
Years Active1997-2003
Song: "Now You've Got You're Doctorate, So Why Don't You Doctor It?"
Album: "The Sepultura"
Year: 2000
Label(s): Self Released / Level Plane Records / Matlock Records / Rewika Records / Montesano Records / Version City Records / The Kingdom Of God / Progeria Records
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I'm not going to blab on forever about this band, although I probably should. They simply didn't do as much musically for me as The Holy Shroud, the band's later incarnation, even though I was into NORTH OF AMERICA first. The band has a few absolutely stellar songs, with a fair amount of decent tracks and some meh tracks. The Holy Shroud pretty much rocks me every single song, but having one album compared, 7 or something, makes that much easier from a numbers point of view. My wife would disagree with me, as she puts NORTH OF AMERICA ahead of most other bands in general and had this to say about the band, "like Moneen but catchier and better." I can't argue with that.

If you like mathy-yet-danceable indie rock with elements of emo and dare I say mild screamo tendencies, more in the guitar work than anything else, you might shit your pants over NORTH OF AMERICA. They occasionally dip into dark and awkward waters, like a cross between Q And Not U and The Paper Chase, but generally keep things shaggy and dancy. They certainly have their fair share of songs with yelling and dual vocals, but generally they walk a fine line between Fugazi and Frodus, who I could have sworn I was listening to on songs like "Destroy Tamoubrine". I have only really jammed the 2000-2003 material but that's because I wasn't aware of the other stuff. I'm checking it out now on bandcamp (2 of the releases, at least) and they seem decent but I haven't heard any jaw-droppers yet.

Definitely check out the 2001-2003 material because this band was amazing and still doesn't get enough praise. Also, check The Holy Shroud out because they were a more refined NORTH OF AMERICA with more songwriting chops.



1998 - Elements of an Incomplete Map cdEP
1998 - North Of America cassetteEP
1998 - Bayonet Point 7"EP

1999 - These Songs are Cursed cd/12"LP (stream/buy/download here)

2000 - The Sepultura cd/12"EP (stream/buy/download here)

2001 - This is Dance Floor Numerology cd/12"LP (stream/buy/download here)

2003 - Brothers, Sisters. cd/12"LP (stream/buy/download here)
2003 - Elements of an Incomplete Map Part II cd compilation  (stream/buy/download here)


(2000) NORTH OF AMERICA - "Now You've Got You're Doctorate, So Why Don't You Doctor It?" (from 'The Sepultura')

(2000) NORTH OF AMERICA - "That's A Convincing Argument, Michael" (from 'The Sepultura')

(2001) NORTH OF AMERICA - "Let's On" (from 'Dance Floor Numerology')

(2001) NORTH OF AMERICA - "XRXXRXRX" (from 'Dance Floor Numerology')

(2003) NORTH OF AMERICA - "Oh My God, Oh My God, Everybody, Oh My God" (from 'Brothers, Sisters.')

(2003) NORTH OF AMERICA - "Let's Get Tight" (from 'Brothers, Sisters.')


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