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GenresHilarity / Awesomeness / Comedy / Political
Related artistsThe Daily Show and The Root of All Evil.
CountryMaryland, USA
Years Active?-present
Song: "Air Traffic Control"
Album: "The Carnegie Hall Performance"
Year: 2006
Label(s): Lots (fuck you Stand Up! Records)
This post's artist is from the August 2014 Mix. This is track #7.
You can download the August Mix#8 right here or get the new August Mix#9 here.
For fans ofBill Hicks, George Carlin, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn aka Political Comedy.

There is way too much amazing LEWIS BLACK material for me to go through and discuss specific jokes, themes and such. Generally put, his comedic rants and prods at our media, governments, and people, as well as ourselves. It is introspective yet broad, as I think almost everyone can relate to the stuff he's talking about. Some major pet peeves of LEWIS BLACK include weather, people with excessive amounts of money, CNN, the uneducated, politicians, important events and pop culture in general, especially football and the halftime show. I shit you not, listening to LEWIS BLACK must be good for your health, because he can make you think about everyday things (both important and not important) from a completely different perspective. Oh, and you'll be laughing your ass off most of the time, as well.

I've included my favourite "tracks" in a zipfile that you should definitely download. If you're wary, just put them on your mp3 player/phone along with a few hundred of your favourite songs and put that sucka on random. Song. Song. Song. Hilarity. Song. Hilarity. Song. Song Song. get the idea. His delivery is so infectious, and bit for bit is one of the strongest comedians I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. I will be seeing him on September 12th, 2014 in Toronto so I'm pretty goddamned pumped about that. Anyway, here is the track list I've included for download:

Link 1 (download here)
-A Great Headline
-Blueberry Pancakes
*The End of the Universe
-After September 11th
-Environmental Terrorism or Global Warming?
-Halftime at the Superbowl 2001
-The End of the Universe
-Tax Rebates and Common Sense
-Airport Security

Link 2 (download here)
*Carnegie Hall Performance
-Air Traffic Control
-Headlines are Punchlines and Crazy is Crazy
-Rick Santorum - Idiot
-Congressional Correspondents Dinner
-Mom and Pop and Paul
-Terry Shiavo
-Dead President
*The White Album
-The Fall, Hurricanes and Weathermen
-The Ozone, Sunblock, the Flu, and Nyquil
-Fuck, New York, Los Angeles
-TV Pilot
-Ihop (The International House of Pancakes)
-Heaven's Gate
-Other Idiots from Arkansas

Link 3 (download here)
*Lester Burbank Performance
-Gay Marriage
-Justin and Janet
-America Loses its Mind
-Michael Jackson, Arnold Swarzenegger and Ronald Reagan
-Voting (a flashback)
-Iraq, an Idiot's Delight
*Rules of Enragement
-The Settling of Minnesota
-The Coldest Winter EVER!
-Ireland and Health
-The War in Iraq



1990 (released 2011) The Prophet LP

2000 - The White Album LP

2002 - The End of the Universe LP
2002 - Revolver cd/10"EP

2003 - Rules of Enragement LP
2003 - Unleashed DVD

2004 - Black on Broadway DVD

2005 - Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues LP
2005 - Nothing's Sacred 5xcd (autobiography/play)

2006 - The Carnegie Hall Performance 2xcdLP
2006 - Red, White and Screwed DVD

2008 - Anticipation LP
2008 - Me of Little Faith 5xcd (play)

2010 - Stark Raving Black LP

2012 - In God We Rust DVD

2014 - Old Yeller DVD


Sorry folks, Stand Up! Records or whatever filed a complaint against me for trying to help promote Lewis Black and his records. I only put up a single track from each album to help people become acquainted with him. I didn't even come close to posting the entire record. Don't support this label. Fuck you Stand Up! Records.
(2000) LEWIS BLACK - "Ihop" (from 'The White Album')

(2002) LEWIS BLACK - "The End of the Universe" (from 'The End of the Universe')

(2003) LEWIS BLACK - "Greed" (from 'Rules of Enragement')

(2005) LEWIS BLACK - "MTV" (from 'Luther Burbank Performance')

(2006) LEWIS BLACK - "Dead President" (from 'Carnegie Hall Performance')

(2008) LEWIS BLACK - "Golfers" (from 'Anticipation')


LEWIS BLACK additional links

Link 1 (download here)
Link 2 (download here)
Link 3 (download here)

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