Tuesday 4 June 2024

*** CON.FLEX song premiere ***

"watch the hands"
exclusive song premiere

For fans of!Apeshit!, Colossamite, xbxrx, Holy Molar, Arab On Radar, and The New Flesh

Releases in full June 6th, 2024 on Smoke And Mirrors

      I am very stoked to bring you this new song just two days prior to CON.FLEX debut release on Smoke And Mirrors. The self-titled album features 8 tracks and will be available on limited 7" picture disc with zine on June 6th. This opening track "watch the hands" is a clusterfuck of noises (the beginning sounds like seagulls screaming), guitar wonkery, and jarring rhythms and the rest of the album follows suit by not following the rules of hardcore. Featuring members of Under His Eye, Buried In Coal, It's All Quiet Here, Apostles Of Eris, Our Future Is An Absolute ShadowArmagideon Time, etc.

(2024) CON.FLEX "watch the hands" (from 'Con.Flex')

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