Friday, 29 January 2021

***AGENT MULDER exclusive video premiere***


"Christopher Walkin' Away"
exclusive music video premiere
For fans ofThe ChariotKissy Face Fashion Faux Paux and Stuntman

AGENT MULDER hail from Barrie, Ontario and were introduced to me by our resident Zegema Beach Records artist Kyle Calvert. The band recently released a four-song EP titled 'And All I Loved, I Loved Alone' with tapes following next month, as well as their brand new single "Something Tells Me That We Aren't Getting Out Of Here Alive". I am pleased to bring you the music video that they recently shot for opener "Christopher Walkin' Away" which is embedded/linked below. It's dark, chuggy, injected with solos and hella heavy on the paint. Cassettes for the EP release on Tomb Tree Tapes February 12th, 2021.

(2021) AGENT MULDER "Christopher Walkin' Away" (from 'And All I Loved, I Loved Alone')

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