Friday, 1 May 2020

***ZILPZALP + PROBABLY NOT exclusive split premiere***

exclusive album premiere

I've been following ZILPZALP from Germany since their excellent 'unter dem Eis' which I premiered here. This time I'm back to announce their pre-orders and split 12" with the UK's PROBABLY NOT. The ZILPZALP side is the seven killer, riffy, screamo tunes from 'unter dem Eis' (think Via Fondo and Kid Feral), while the PROBABLY NOT side consist of 10 new songs resembling jammy, screamed emo not unlike Bright Calm Blue and early Frameworks.

The 12" is being released May 15th, 2020 on marble/pink splatter by the following fantastic labels: Smart and Confused Records (France), CGTH Records (Spain), Entes Anomicos (Germany), Tanz auf Ruinen (Germany), Schadelbruch Platten (Germany), Sunsetter Records (Germany), Callous Records (United Kingdom), Vollmer Industries (Italy), Trace in Maze Records (Germany). Enough info, to the split!

(2020) PROBABLY NOT 'More Than Skin' (aka the 'ZilpZalp' split 12")
(2020) ZILPZALP 'unter dem Eis' (aka the 'Probably Not' split)


OMSB 'unter dem Eis' song premiere

PROBABLY NOT music video

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