Tuesday 27 March 2018

***CHIVÀLA exclusive song premiere***

exclusive song premiere
buy cassettes in April from Emocat Records

CHIVÀLA were first introduced to me by my band member and friend Andrea a few months back. I've known them since 2013 when I helped release the Pastel / Merridew split 12"EP in the early days of Zegema Beach. Soon after he started Upwind Productions and we've released a couple of key jams together (most recently that ridiculous Улыбайся Ветрy 12"LP...linked here). There are other notable band ties here, including Istmo, Folgore, Minus Tree and Ginkgo Dawn Shock. So, CHIVÀLA showed me an initial video that peaked my interest of the band jamming in their practice space. After hearing the final recordings of their eclectic mix of screamo, post-hardcore and post-rock, I was stoked to be asked to premiere the opener "Garcia" from their debut 5-song cassette EP titled, fittingly enough, 'EP'. My friends in Vancouver, BC at Emocat Records will be supplying the tapes, likely late April/early May on a made-to-order basis, which I think is fucking awesome and something I would love to employ at ZBR. Anyhoos, on to the premiere!!!

(2018) CHIVÀLA - "Garcia" (from 'EP')
"Garcia" is 5:07 in length and steadily increases in power until the halfway point, bringing French post-hardcore/screamo to mind such as Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt Mort, Sed Non Satiata, Les Deux Minutes De La Haine and Daïtro, to name a few. The chill midsection and subsequent build to 3:42 and beyond is easily the best part of the song, which is replicated on the five-song EP that'll be out soon!

"Garcia" lyrics
Quando il cattivo sei tu
ogni alba è un pugnale
che ti perfora dove germoglia il buio

vivere il giorno è un'utopia

cospargi il terreno di sale
a una spanna dal baratro
la distruzione a portata di mano

il vero coraggio è nutrirsi di fango
disfarsi la vita
ferirsi e ferire
continuare a graffiare il fondo
il meccanismo non si inceppa
alla fine che importa?
reciti la più triste delle parti
aspettando l'inevitabile
non ti meriti che questo


when you are the wicked man
every dawn is a dagger
which pierces you where darkness bloom

getting through the day is pure utopy

let's strew the ground with salt
one span from the abyss
destruction is at hand

true courage is feeding yourself with mud
destroying your life
wounding yourself and the others
keeping scratching the bottom
the gear does not stop
in the end does it really matter?
you act the saddest of parts
waiting for the inevitable
you do not deserve nothing but this


  1. Goddamn it, every band you compared are all my weaknesses

  2. Full record premiere coming up later this week on IDIOTEQ.com! :)