Tuesday, 2 February 2016

***124C41+ exclusive song premiere***

Terni, Italy's 124C41+ sent me their first EP last year and I really dug some of their stuff. A few weeks back the band contacted me again, this time about a song premiere and I leaped at the chance. The post-hardcore/screamo with pianos activates something in my brain that just oozes endorphins whenever I listen to the band. If you are a fan of Angel Eyes, Envy and Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket you'd be silly not to check 124C41+ out. The cd is named "Mörs/Ërde" which is old German. All relevant info on this killer second EP by the band is listed below.

Mörs - "water and death"
Ërde - "heart, ground"

'Mörs/Ërde' begins like a Carlos Cipa (aka piano) song with the opener "Mörs" and quickly mixes it with screaming and a slow drum beat. By the one-minute mark we have been introduced to multiple vocalists and the build has exploded into Envy, The Caution Children and So Hideous, My Love territory with booming instrumentals that have a very classic feel but have successfully bridged the gap into modern post-hardcore/screamo. A strange concoction? Most definitely. But does it work? Fuck yes. This is the premiere track and is linked here and embedded in this post.

For the second track, "Ërde", you will have to wait until February 15th for the release date.

2016 - (released February 15th) 'Mörs/Ërde' cdEP limited to 50 copies

(mastered by Birgir Jón "Biggi" Birgisson (Sigur Rós) at Sundlaugin - Iceland)

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