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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Thrash / Grindcore / Metal
Related artistsMarrowGraf Orlock, Owen Hart, Divinity Of Truth, Houses and Elphaba.
CountryTacoma, Washington USA
Years Active2003-2005
7Song: "Negative Youth"
Album: "Bafabegiya split 7""
Year: 2005
Label(s): Self Released / Dood Records / Spacement Records
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #9.
You can download: the March Mix#3 right here or get the new April 2015 Mix#4 here.
For fans ofPg.99, Graf Orlock, Jenny Piccolo, Chest Pain, Youth Brigade, Dangers!, Phoenix Bodies, Ghostlimb, Born Against, Black Flag, Bucket Full Of Teeth, Swing Kids, and older punk rock/hardcore bands that I'm not currently aware of.

Blurring the line between punk and hardcore, GREYSKULL were a band I first heard because of their amazing split 12" with Graf Orlock that is housed in "sleeve" that is actually a two-sided school backpack complete with buttons and a removable teacher-evaluated assignment/lyric sheet.

Honestly, I've been jamming their discography for five days now with little to no "for fans of" and genre descriptions. They played metal-influlenced hardcore mixed with a slight hint of skate-punk that never really nestles into any one of the sounds for an adequate time for them to be labeled as such. There might be a bit of youth crew sound going on but I'm pretty sure I don't know what I'm talking about regarding that genre. The guitars, drums and bass are relatively basic without any "wow" moments, but exhibit a fair amount of variety and hit each shift with confidence and interesting instrumental interplay. The vocals are the most distinguishable part of the band for me, as they are generally shouted but there are points, most notably in the conclusion of "Negative Youth", that harness screaming and some very gutteral emanations. It takes awhile to build, but once 1:45 rolls around you will be slow clapping because the variety, emotion and amazingness is impossible to miss. This is a ridiculously good cut. Also from the Bafabegiya "Fuck the Atkin's Diet" is extremely short (32 seconds) but the last 12 seconds builds quickly to the last three smashes of "willing / to / exploit!" and is an excellent song. "Wizbo" is the strongest track from the first recordings that actually end up on the final Graf Orlock split release. This 52-second aggressive hardcore/post-hardcore doesn't let up and the similarity to Graf Orlock is much more apparent, which I find really picks up after the first 25 seconds. Apparently the band wrote an LP but it was never recorded. Dag, yo.

Although I'm not confident in my general assessment of the band in relation to styles and similar bands, GREYSKULL was killer and I'd strongly recommend jamming the entirety of "Negative Youth" before deciding on passing.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2003 - Demo (same tracks as the Graf Orlock split)

2004 - Bafabegiya split 7"

2005 - Graf Orlock split 12"


(2004) GREYSKULL - "Negative Youth" (from 'Bafabegiya')

(2004) GREYSKULL - "Fuck the Atkin's Diet" (from 'Bafabegiya')

(2005) GREYSKULL - "Wizbo" (from 'Graf Orlock' split)


GREYSKULL out of print mp3 discography download / additional links

(download here)



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