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GenresPunk / Rock / Noise Rock / Lounge / Grind / Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Noise / Experimental / Electronic
Related artistsNeon Blonde, Jaguar Love, Soiled Doves, Past Lives, Waxwing and Vade.
CountrySeattle, Washington USA
Years Active1997-2007
Song: "Siamese Gun" and "Pink Tarantulas"
Album: "March On Electric Children" and "Ambulance vs. Ambulance single"
Year: 2002 and 2003
Label(s): 31G / Artist Direct / Second Nature Recordings / Sound Virus / Hopscotch Records / Erika Records Inc., Epitaph Records / Cortex / Sheridan Square Records / V2 Records / Dim Mak Records / 
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I've been bothered for days because I can't get this right. It's too important and I can't write what needs to be said because I can't form the sentences to convey my feelings. This is weird timing, to boot. The band has just reformed for a concert in two months time. I obviously had no idea this was going to happen when I put the band on the OMSB mix 2 months ago.

THE BLOOD BROTHERS were probably the most important band that influenced my taste in music. I had this grand idea of discussing a lot of the songs in detail, which I was able to do to some extent, but in the end I feel like I've fallen short. It can't quantify the magnitude that this band crushed my existing beliefs about music and laid a new foundation for appreciating aggressive music and art in general. I have come to the conclusion that my efforts are in vain, because I can't describe to you how important or amazing this band is/was. Their songs have so much happening that I could write a full-on paragraph for each song, and they have a lot of songs. Below are some random thoughts and observations I've had regarding some of the band's better tracks which should give new listeners a fair indication of what albums/songs to check out.

I'll quickly explain their style first. Wait...what? I don't know. The band had a style that is truly their own and I'd say it's along the lines of screamy, sassy post-punk and pop-rock. I can't really liken them to any bands that came before because they sounded so damn different and original.


"Doctor Doctor" puts on a vocal clinic. Seriously, lyrically and vocally this song is one of the band's best, lacing snarling and seething whines with sass and shrieking. Lyrics:
-----"This knife cuts passion it lacks compassion but who said being an abomination of human cartilage isn't a statement."
-----"Hey cover girl, your cover up drips like dairy. I see you walking by yourself, yeah when I see you walkin' all alone I wanna cut the corners off your lips, I wanna shave the angles off your cheeks, I wanna wash the geometry outta your face...(repeat)"
-----"Run run run, like ivory blood burns burns burns. You keep coming back to get fucked on the operating table. You keep coming back in different shades of nauseating. I think it's time to take that face back to bank and count the cash you really make. Pennies, doctor, pennies!"

Jordan Blilie's vocals on the last half of "James Brown" are some of the catchiest screaming vocals you'll ever hear, "Incognito blood won't need to clot. Caught if you're wearing that bullseye then you're gonna get shot...(repeat)"

The true amazingness of "Mutiny On The Ark Of The Blood Brothers" can be seen on the band's dvd and the lyrics, "Oh oh oh oh oh you never know. The hints of phantom revolt might never ever show until you find yourself shaved, poisoned and dismembered down the throat of the sea. Raise the fucking flag. The flag of mutiny."

"Marooned On Piano Island" is one of my favourite BLOOD BROTHERS tracks. It's really poppy and dirty at the same time, combining pop, rock'n'roll and rampant screaming. The bass riffs are great in this song. Being the bouncier part of the band, Morgan Henderson definitely wrote some of the poppiest yet heaviest bass and moog stuff I've ever heard. The guitars and drums also create an uncomfortable, eerie and fucking catchy aura that matches the lyrics, which I obviously love. These in particular really set the story for the coming albums. Here they are in full:
-----"Hello to the girl with eight inch fingers. Codeine eyes swollen like hives and stingers. This is our first caress and I must confess you look slightly marionette-esque. The way you walk out of order. The way you talk out of tune. Marooned on Piano Island. Population of two, population me and you. I met a girl with eight inch fingers. She clothed herself in pineapple skin. She tempted me with forbidden I'll live on Piano Island Forever. She a tropical beauty."

"This Adultery Is Ripe" is another song that shows the band's pop and sweet rock tendencies along with post-punk and a vibe that can definitely be likened to dance/electronic, and is kind of like the screamo equivalent of "Laser Life". Plus the lyrics are amazing. Or, to be more specific (and again in full):
-----"Butter. Butter and babies...this shack's distinct aroma. Sugar, I'd come over but it's very hard to hump in front of the children. They're horrific. Your husband should know your hex, your sex complex that cursed the fruits of our passion. It's not natural...these children with melted beaks. Sugar, I'd come over but your coffee tastes like the clap."

"Jennifer", one the band's fan favourites.
-----"The negatives...Jennifer. Such uncompromising positions. I said, 'you don't need a doctor honey, you need a mortician. Because I don't need your money. And I don't want your favours. This ain't no blackmail...this is for amusement. Don't shady pasts make interesting broadcasts? And human error is never an acceptable answer."


"Birth Skin/Death Leather" points the listener in the right direction. Introducing the character Mr. Electric Ocean right off the bat, THE BLOOD BROTHERS blast back on forth with post-punk meets screaming, and time them ridiculously well with the instruments - the drums in particular. At 1:00 Jordan Blilie pulls out his patented Elvis-croon while the band bounces around with their own brand of poppy rock mixed with hardcore. Aaaaaand then the screaming starts again. The electronic beeps begin to fire incessantly and the song closes in a whirlwind of chaos and noise. Beautiful.

"March On Electric Children" is definitely one of my favourite BB songs. If you haven't heard it before don't deny yourself the screamy/poppy goodness that is THE BLOOD BROTHERS. Amazing vocals, lyrics, instrumentation, originality and cohesiveness. Lyrics:
-----"He tried to interview a rose but it just coughed dust in his eye. He tried a love song on the lilac but it strung up his mouth like a guitar. He tried to devour the orchid sew a jacket of its hot paradise complexion...but I strung like a vest of scorpions and hung on desperately like the scar of some third degree burn."

"New York Slave". Oh my god, this song is so fucking good. I don't know what else to say. Woozle wuzzle? Oh, well they always have great imagery but this song in particular summons graphic and surreal stuff that is both beautiful and horrifying. For example:
-----"Dearly beloved we are gathered here to witness the sacred union of vibrancy and sickness. Do you take this man with the diamond skin tie? And when you're fucking him will you scream dollar signs? Let me introduce you to a new phrase...New York noose for a New York slave."
-----"The priest's tongue slips out like a jackal. Every eye in the audience spinning like a drill. The groom plucks a key from the rapture tree and opens her ribcage like a squealing armoire. Her lungs and liver screaming mercy mercy mercy, while they rearranged the wires in her heart. I now pronounce you smiling like a grave, I now pronounce you a New York slave."

"Kiss Of The Octopus" is a great song but one of the weakest on the album due to the fact that tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are fantastic.

"Siamese Gun" is a great song to talk about next because it truly is the most mindnumbingly amazing orgasmic insane song the band ever wrote. There are almost too many classics to name, but this one has to take the cake, especially considering how early in the band's career they wrote it. It is the catchiest screaming song I've ever heard. It's so hard and chaotic and weird and fucked up but so tied together. It's unreal how the parts fit together to make this masterpiece, which it truly is. I could listen to this song all day. Just a taste of the lyrics:
----"Order yeah order yeah order in the court, the judge pukes up a putrid smile...the D.A. fingers the jury like a snail fucks a shell."
-----"Order yeah order yeah order in the court, drain Piano Island of this pineapple milk. Pave the sea, divorce the fish from the fin. Let the execution begin."
-----"Death to the accused scum, the human menace!"
-----"Clik clik bang bang clik the siamese gun clik clik bang bang"
-----"You're on your knees choking on the barrel of the siamese gun."

"Mr Electric Ocean" is another one of those songs with really catchy, bouncy rhythms, not unlike Desiderata and Despistado. These lead to more abrasive and corrosive choruses, then it goes back and forth and eventually collapses into "You stuffed out mouths with blasphemy! You wrapped our bones in circuitry!"

"Junkyard J. Vs. The Skin Army Girlz-High Fives LA Hives" has a sweet bassline coupled with lyrics:
-----"The crow sings alone yeah yeah yeah to his fantricide yeah yeah yeah."
-----"This is the making of a Hollywood Queen, the christening of a legendary dream, this is your birth breath, this is your death sigh and nothing hurts quite like the first time."
There's also lots of "High Fives/LA Hives".


"Guitarmy" is the band's shortest and most straightforward track ever recorded, at less than 40 seconds. Right away there's a much stronger rock influence within the band.

"Fucking's Greatest Hits" was the song that truly got me into THE BLOOD BROTHERS. I was very hesitant at first because the screaming seemed grating and the instrumentals were a strange mixture of jangly punk and syncopated post-hardcore. I put this on repeat and after about 3 listens I started to appreciate the band for what they were...amazing. This track has some of the band's thickest guitars and overall is one of their harder songs.

"Burn, Piano Island, Burn" could probably be argued as THE BLOOD BROTHERS' most representative song of their eclectic and bizarre style. The song ventures back and forth between upper-register lounge music and spazzy freakouts. The song also contains some pretty amazing lyrics, as per usual, and the song starts off with an interesting line, to say the least - "Bulimic rainbows vomit, what? Burn, Piano Island, Burn. Coconut pupils never shut." and later on:
-----"I buried our child of pineapple skin where the generic sunsets sparkle so bland. I split my grandmother like a rotten papaya...our fright to pollinate the flowers of fire. I vomited my skeleton and donated it to the war mausoleum. I cut my will and testament along the scar tissue seam. I packaged my heart and Fed-ex'd it to the octopus queen." That's just awesome. The way Johnny and Jordan intertwine the banshee screaming on this one is beyond me.
-----"I fed its limp indifferent walls a tale of an ark haunted with the five howls. I tied a nervous noose of piano wire and wrapped it around the mocking throat of the past. It's head erupted like a rabid roman candle as I kicked the stump from underneath. Burn, Piano Island, Burn and drown all your fucking riddles down the throat of the sea. This one man raft won't be coming back so don't talk out of tune to me. From a distance the fornication of fear and flames twinkles so pretty."

"Ambulance vs. Ambulance" has some of the best lyrics and catchiest vocal patterns of any BLOOD BROTHERS songs. "Under the monolith what is love what is skin, what is sun what is tan" is one of my favourite parts on the album. The track is kind of like a combination of Burn, Piano Island, Burn" and "New York Slave" like a preacher giving a sermon whilst gyrating with Elvis Presley-styled sass. Oh, and screaming. They've got a video for this one.

"Cecilia And The Silhouette Saloon" is rooted in a pulsating and bombastic moog rhythm. The song is screamier than most and may even test your aural limits, especially at the close when most of the song structure breaks down and the only sounds remaining are screams, feedback and some additional noise. This is another quintessential track with some sweet, sweet lyrics:
-----"Murder=White Out. Cancer=Birth Blouse. Mirror=Perfect Glass Spouse. Oil=Sex Paint. Shower=Water Saint. Death Decodes the howls from our hands. Skull=Noise Next. TV=Fuck Test. Mirror=Siamese Gun Kiss. Sugar=Birth Bait. Murder=Loves Fate. Death distills the camouflage from our dance. Death inverts the red from romance. Death x-rays the angels of chance. Death, the anti-mirror of infants. Like a picture hiding beneath the digital Avalanche."

Later in the song, Jordan Blilie croons in a similar fashion to his momentous wedding scene in "New York Slave" with some amazing lyrics, including, "When Cecilia's throat slit like a second set of lips she drooled braille onto the brothel bedspread."

"Six Nightmares At The Pinball Masquerade" has the most repetitive, basic chorus of any BLOOD BROTHERS song and it is glorious. Not to mention the slow, eerie and haunting section that Jordan Blilie subtlety croons over from 1:40-2:30.

"The Salesman, Denver Max" is the most interesting song on the album, as it starts out with a style that I can't even pinpoint nor define. It's like a rockish/western, acoustic, post-punk song with some sing-along vocals with some really disturbing lyrics, such as, "Through the screen door your thoughts are quarantined, by the way you smell I can tell that you're fifteen. My name is Denver Max. I eat heart attacks. Won't you come sit on my mouth? Because the only thing you own is everything you like. Don't you try to call the cops little girl, cops little girl because before you pick up the phone you'll be dead". The second half of the chorus blasts the listener after each subdued verse with a swirling and massive guitar riff that might even be labeled as a breakdown. Johnny Whitney's spewing of the lyrics from 3:05-3:30 is probably my favourite part of the song, "jump little girl, jump little girl, jump to find the undersea sun."

"I Know Where The Canaries And Crows Go" is probably the closest track to something that would have fit on the previous album 'March On Electric Children', although some of Johnny's vocals dip into the higher end which had not evolved to this register back then.

"God Bless You, Blood Thirsty Zeppelins" is another track that is really bouncy while being very bass-heavy as well as thick, and is one of the most aggressive songs on the record. The vocal bit from 0:32-0:44 kills me every time as the singers scream, "Save your carnivorous toupee for the afro fire. Save your hors d'oeuvers for the boiling lobster choir!". There's another fantastic section that follows with "We don't need a blueprint to burn our manuscript. We don't need a blueprint, the blueprint's me, the blueprint's you! Oh my god the bombs are falling."

Now...........there's also the track that should have made the album and would have been one of the best..."Pink Tarantulas". Holy jesus, what the fuck was someone thinking when they left this off the record? Not unlike "Cecilia And The Silhouette Saloon", the song starts with a lone moog before the guitar matches it and the drums and Johnny build the intro into the first chorus that is nearly owned solely by Jordan, with Johnny providing the fills during the back and forth screaming. If I had to liken it to another song I'd the album I'd definitely choose "Fucking's Greatest Hits".


"Feed Me To The Forest" is the opening track to an awkward album that, if one were to argue that the band ever had an identity crisis, this would be it. The prior album was too technical for the band to play live, so 'Crimes' was recorded and written in 2 weeks, if memory serves correct. This is notably simpler but this doesn't really detract from the band's signature sound. The vocals start very light before careening into yelpy/fairy sounding vocals that you will find on the rest of the album. I had a hell of time adjusting to Johnny's even whinier style, but eventually I stopped noticing the increase and appreciated the album for what it was, a more straightforward pop-rock record with an abundance of screams.

"Trash Flavored Trash" is certainly one of the strongest songs on the album, whether we talk about lyrically, vocally or instrumentally, it doesn't really matter. The entire song screams like it was written shortly after the completion of 'Burn, Piano Island, Burn' and employs the yelping vocals along with what one would expect from the bros.

"Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck" is album's anchor as well as the single, for which the band made a video that got them more play than other song I can remember. The first two-thirds of the track lack screaming and that is replaced with a cat-like high-pitched yelp with some great call and response. At the 2:15-mark Jordan brings the song home with the track's best part, as well as the heaviest part. I find myself singing, "love love love, love love love, a love love love, a love love a love, what rhymes with sympathy now" every time this song ends. This one was a genre-shattering song that truly appealed to a heap of new fans.

"Teen Heat" is a light-sounding song until 25 seconds when the chorus climaxes after those "oh, oh, oh" builds and has some of the thickest guitar on the album. The break at 1:38 is a very interesting one that includes chimes before they bust out the final 15 seconds.

"Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy" contains some very catchy, "yeahs" and is a jazzy track that is very reminiscent of a sassier "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck". From 1:47-2:11 is one of the closest things to a breakdown that the band has attempted, right before they don the lounge cap again. The end of the song is rather maniacal, as Johnny tries out some melodic crying/laughing which ends up working out pretty well.

"Crimes" is obviously the title track. This is all piano, drums, bass and guitar but sounds almost nothing like the rest of their work. It's a very slow and their most thought-out song, even being as bare bones as it is. This is a song that took me awhile to appreciate, but now I dig in a much different way than the rest of their material.

"My First Kiss At The Public Execution" is a whale of a song. Definitely one of the best on this album. It starts with Johnny wailing and Jordan responding along with a booming bass riff that would bring the house down if seen live. The chorus is insanely catchy and again the bassline reminds me of 'Burn, Piano Island, Burn'. This song has so many different parts that all fit together to make this one of the most diverse songs the band ever recorded. Also, at 2:30 they go apeshit and end the song on the fastest and most chaotic passage on the album.

"Live at the Apocalypse Cabaret" is a piano/lounge driven song that makes itself obvious that it is just that from the get-go, as Johnny leads with some more relaxed (but still very high) vocals that Jordan plays off of with great lyrics that add to the soft but uncomfortable atmosphere of the track. Here's a quick taste, "Scarecrow, did you hear about that priest they found jerking off in the confession booth? His collar spinning like a top, he looked so pathetic crying to the cops."

"Beautiful Horses" without a doubt the hardest and closest track to the aggressiveness of 'Burn, Piano Island, Burn' and as per usual has amazing call and response between the dueling vocalists. The chorus is catchy and chaotic, which is interesting as the chorus is basically just, "And you're so fucked up. You're a fucking mess!" Simply put, a fucking killer track.

I don't particularly enjoy the last 3 songs as much as the majority of the first 10, but the final track is interesting as it harnesses a strange Native American-style chant for the first minute-and-a-half before exploding into, "Everybody needs a little devastation."  


"Set Fire to the Face on Fire" is, as obvious as I can put it, an amazing opener to the band's final masterpiece. The identity crisis from the previous album enabled the band to grow into their new sound perfectly. The soft, hard and in-between parts all flow as one and THE BLOOD BROTHERS seem to realize that they had found their niche and were confident to find such a snug corner. This song proves first and foremost that Johnny figured out where he wants his vocals. Mostly gone are the over-the-top singing which are toned down to previous album levels. The chorus is great and rocks the listener like a bomb that has a These Arms Are Snakes feel to it. Try not to yell "fire, fire, fire!" after hearing this, as you will be more than inclined to!

"We Ride Skeletal Lightning" is a surprising song. Why? Because how the fuck do you write something like this and not be on drugs? Let's take a gander at some of the lyrics content:
-----"We're the boys jailed in a horse's skull. We nailed our ears to a feral glittery drone. The only things that make our blood feel like blood are stealing cars and watching lightning bolts fuck."
-----"We're the girls chewing on Styrofoam, pulling wigs under a monochrome glow. The only line that's talking us into bed is the freeway's static hiss drilling holes in our heads."
But seriously this song is balls-to-the-walls amazing. Is that even an expression? Meh. At 32 seconds you've got the first of a few absolutely great choruses. At 1:43 you're blessed with a fantastic, eerie, native-sounding chant that sounds like the beckoning of skeletal lightning. This skeletal lightning makes its appearance at the 2:38-mark and is the perfect end to carry us away from this fucked up beauty.
"Laser Life" is catchy. Holy shit. You may end up singing this for eons. The keyboard repeat. The bouncing bass. The sass. The lasers. This song has it all. It even has a video. Watch it here. "And if your night unplugs its life, blame it on the Laser Rain. Just blame it on the Laser Rain." Read them here because you'll be singing it all day. Some other great lyrics, of which there are many, "Oh, that Laser Rain kept me up all night again scratching at the window like a bright colored beast, cursing at the dawn like an adulterous priest." This is most definitely a Johnny Whitney led song both vocally and on the keyboard, which makes Jaguar Love seem like a very obvious alternative output.

"Camouflage, Camouflage" brings Life In Vacuum to mind every time I hear it. That's a new realization, but it's nice to have another band to be able to relate THE BLOOD BROTHERS to. Anyhoo, another amazing song that combines so many styles its mind-boggling. Just after 2 minutes the guys slow it down to a crawl with the keyboard and Johnny proves that he's got one hell of a clean singing voice. This is the catalyst of the build that follows the serene break and leads to the final lyrics that are ridiculously vivid, "I couldn't see the solar system, it was camouflaged as a tape loop repeating. I couldn't see the glorious meadow, it was camouflaged as a smashed stain glass window. I couldn't see the love and affection, it was camouflaged as a jungle of erections. I couldn't see the skeletal lightning, it was camouflaged as a young machete."

"You're the Dream Unicorn" has a broken and distorted beginning which leads to one of the fastest and hardest parts on the album. There's a section at around 1:30 when the band brings in some very polished gang vocals before diving back into fractured waters that eventually wash up on...

"Vital Beach", the song name that will haunt you for the rest of your days, in a good way. "Vital Beach, Vital Beach, Vital Beach, yeah! Vital Beach...Vital Beach." Listen once and attempt not to sing this afterwards.

"1, 2, 3, 4 Guitars" starts with bass, maracas, bongos and Johnny Whitney creating some absolutely entrancing melodies and beats. It's very uncharacteristic of the band until this album, as it pops up again in songs like "Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes" and "Giant Swan", but holy shit it sounds unbelievable. I wish they did more stuff like this. The seance-like verses lead to a screechy/bass-driven chorus that acts as the antithesis of the verses and literally rips the song apart by the end.

"Nausea Shreds Yr Head" is kinda weird. Like screamo meets a merry-go-round. But it's also really good. That's all I got.

"Rat Rider" follows the weirdness of the previous track and is very vocal-heavy. They slow it down and play a more accessible style at 0:30 and at 1:08 the title/chorus will have you wrapped around its mangy-ass paw.

"Johnny Ripper" sounds very similar to the better songs by Jordan Blilie's side-projects, namely Past Lives and Head Wound City and is most certainly his brainchild. It's an odd chorus but it ends up really getting stuck in my head.

"Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes", much like "1, 2, 3, 4 Guitars" is mostly stripped of any kind of aggressive guitar while the band prances through beautiful, angular and awkward pop music. For christ's sake this could be Michael Jackson resurrected in the real life version of "Thriller". This is dreamy pop-rock with a sinister smile.

"Giant Swan" sounds what I presume the song is supposed to convey (in some ways), as I unfortunately picture an awkward bird/human strutting around on strip club stage, dropping articles of clothing and seducing the audience...right before devouring everyone in the room. It's like a horror movie that you figure is going to get gruesome during the introduction, and boy does it ever at the 3:09-mark. And guess what? Yep, amazing lyrics.


Now you may have noticed that I name dropped...what, like 1 or 2 bands during this kurayzee gushing session. I usually reference other bands to give a good idea of the sound. I can't do that with THE BLOOD BROTHERS, unless I use their side projects as examples. I don't think there's been any band save for Nirvana and NOFX that has had this kind of long lasting and influential effect on me.

I will also point out that THE BLOOD BROTHERS put on one of the best shows and after seeing them prior to the release of 'Crimes' I vomited after the set because I was so excited. No exaggeration. Unfortunately I also saw them after 'Young Machetes' was released and Johnny Whitney sounded like he couldn't have cared less. There was so little effort that his sing/scream sounded like indifferent mumbling/talking. It was one of the biggest let-downs I've experienced at a concert. The band recently regrouped and will play the FYF fest linked here on August 23rd and 24th. I hope (and assume) they'll play better than the last time I saw them. Maybe they'll induce some vomiting from new fans.


Click )==>here<== for link1 and ==>here<== for link2 to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

1997 - The Blood Brothers 7" (PURCHASE here!)

1998 - Home Alive Benefit 98 (Stiletto split) 7"

1999 - Milemarker split 7"

2000 - This Adultery Is Ripe cd/12"LP

2002 - March On Electric Children cd/12"/Picture DiscLP
2002 - Burn, Piano Island, Burn cd/12"/2x12"LP
2002 - Ambulance cdsingle
2002 - Jungle Rules Live DVD (watch in full here)
2002 - Dynamite With A Laserbeam: Queen As Heard Through The Meat Grinder Of Three One G cover compilation 12" (contributed "Under Pressure")

2003 - Ambulance vs. Ambulance cd/7"single

2004 - Crimes cd/12"LP
2004 - Love Rhymes Loves With Hideous Car Wreck cd/2x7"EP
2004 - Rumors Laid Waste cd/10"/2x10"EP

2006 - Young Machetes cd/2x12"LP

2007 - Set Fire To The Face On Fire cd/7"single
2007 - Laser Life cd/7"single


(1997) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Red Blooded American Girls" (from 'The Blood Brothers')

(2000) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Doctor! Doctor!" (from 'This Adultery Is Ripe')

(2002) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Siamese Gun" (from 'March On Electric Children')

(2002) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Ambulance vs. Ambulance" (from 'Burn, Piano Island, Burn') Official Video

(2002) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "God Bless You, Blood Thirsty Zeppelins" (from 'Burn, Piano Island, Burn')

(2002) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Under Pressure" (from 'Queen' comp)

(2003) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Pink Tarantulas" (from 'Ambulance vs. Ambulance' single)

(2004) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck" (from 'Crimes') Official Video

(2004) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Beautiful Horses" (from 'Crimes')

(2006) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Laser Life" (from 'Young Machetes') Official Video

(2006) THE BLOOD BROTHERS - "Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes" (from 'Young Machetes')


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  1. Sweet jesus, thank you. Pink tarantula howdy they not feature that in a full album. Music goosebumps here we come.