Thursday 13 March 2014


GenresPunk / Rock / Instrumental / Ambient / Atmospheric / Experimental / Improvisation
Related artistsPet Genius, Cave In, Stephen Brodsky, Stove Bredsky, Kid Kilowatt
                       Mutoid Man, etc.
CountryMassachusetts, USA
Years Active1998-2000
Song: "Chow Foon The Moon"
Album: "The Sacrifice Poles"
Year: 2000
Label(s): Robodog Records
This post's artist is from the March 2014 Mix. This is track #11.
You can download the March 2014 Mix#2 right here.
For fans ofPet Genius, MaseratiSteely Dan, 5ive, Cave In, Ahleuchatistas, Fugazi,
                  Stephen BrodskyDown With The Butterfly, Elliot and King Krimson.

You want more Brodsky? Me too. This is really old, organic Stephen Brodsky, the frontman of Cave In and Mutoid Man (to name just a few) jamming with some friends in a somewhat improvisational format. The songs are generally spacey rock music with some 90s grunge influence and can be a little trippy. I don't love everything on here, but the 2 songs embedded below make their single release worth downloading so you can check it out and decide for yourself. One last piece of info, the material here is based on additional riffs created during Cave In's 'Jupiter' sessions back in the late 90s, so prepare to hear a lot of spaced-out 'Jupiter' styled stuff. No vocals.

You can read my interview with Stephen Brodsky here. I'm surprised I didn't ask more questions about this band.


2000 - The Sacrifice Poles stLP (download here)


(2000) SACRIFICE POLES - "Brain Candle Waltz" (from 'The Sacrifice Poles')

(2000) SACRIFICE POLES - "Chow Foon The Moon" (from 'The Sacrifice Poles')


SACRIFICE POLES out-of-print discography mp3 download


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