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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Ambient  / Experimental / Instru-metal / Prog
Related artistsAmanda Woodward, None.ID, Karysun, Sugartown Cabaret, El Bimbo, Gopher, The Apollo Program, Mexican Stand-Off, Guns Of Brixton, Nine Eleven, 2138, Season and Burning Bright.
CountryCaen FRANCE
Years Active2005-present
Song: "Percute"
Album: "6 Songs"
Year: 2007
For fans ofAmanda Woodward, Aporia, Envy, MilankuLes Deux Minutes De La Haine, Sed Non Satiata, Nous Etions, RosettaLocktender, Mihai Edrisch, Lara Korona, Back When, Examination Of The..., Isis, (later) Tusk, Tigershark, Boris, Raein, Yage, Yaphet KottoFall Of EfrafaAmber, AbhinandaAcross Tundras and Gantz aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Level Plane Records / Adagio830 Records / Forge Again Records / Denovali Records / Heart On Fire Records / Parade Of Spectres / Puzzle Records / Oto Records / Purepainsugar / Moment Of Collapse Records / IFB Records / Destructure Records / Grains Of Sand Records / Music Fear Satan
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AUSSITÔT MORT formed from the ashes of Amanda Woodward and The Apollo Program with the original lineup including two members from each band. The sound was unmistakenly Amanda Woodward during the 2005-2007 years, and then in 2008 the band began evolving into much more of a post-hardcore/post-metal band while still dabbling in screamo. By 2014 the band had shed nearly all screamo leanings but all of the material released by AUSSITÔT MORT (later called MORT MORT MORT) is great in different ways.

Early songs from the 2005-2007 era that help showcase these differences are "(Memoria Grigia)", "(Percute)" and "Dur Comme la Banalite" which are amazing screamo/post-hardcore with heavy nods to Amanda WoodwardSed Non Satiata and Mihai Edrisch. "(Memoria Grigia)" is a spacey but heavy affair that could have been released on Amanda Woodward's 'La Decadence de la Decadence'. "(Percute)" is a much longer song, clocking in at 6:26 and riding the cumulative wave of guitars until 2:19 when the band blows the doors off with some powerful and massive notes that shape the remainder of the song into a beautiful Envy-ish sibling. From the 'Balboa split' 7" comes the song "Dur Comme la Banalite" which is so Sed Non Satiata that I assume that they must have collaborated, as the clean vocals sound just like them.

After their first album, AUSSITÔT MORT dropped a fair amount of the screamo element in their music and instead focused on post-metal stuff that reminds me of Lara Korona and Tigershark. Go ahead and jam the epic "Mort, Mort, Mort" which could certainly be likened to IsisBack When and later Examination Of The.... The song is 6:29 which by 2008 is pretty standard for the band. The song climbs for the first 30-something seconds before exploding with prodigious riffs and distant yelling (yelling, not really screaming) before sliding into a groovy instrumental section that cycles back to the doomy and imposing verse. The band then brings in some violins and more insanely catchy and heavy riffs to close out one of the best songs they ever wrote. "Le Prophete de Malheur" is also from 'Montuenga' and is a sludgy, thick and powerful number that reminds me of Abhinanda and Neurosis.

AUSSITÔT MORT continued releasing material in 2011 and 2012 that was relatively similar to 2008's 'Montuenga' that tended to be released on numerous albums as the band released three compilations in the span of two years. "Une Defaite a la Piaule" is my favourite of these songs and it was released on the 'Heaven In Her Arms split' EP in 2011 and it includes more amazing instrumental work but a slight slip in the vocals as some are sung and don't really help the music in any fashion, I'm speaking in particular about the singing at around the three-minute mark. Other than that this song is killer, especially that breakdown at 4:20.

AUSSITÔT MORT became MORT MORT MORT in 2013 and dropped the two-song 7" EP titled 'La Chants des Sirènes' in 2014 under the new name. With the name change comes the expected evolution of the band as they venture further into spacey, experimental territory shrouded in darkness with strong nods to later Tusk and Fall Of Efrafa. "La Chants des Sirènes" is the strongest track of the two and has more tangents and juxtapositions than any of the earlier material.

So that's that. I guess the band is still going as MORT MORT MORT and I'm intrigued about their future releases, but nothing will top the 2005-2008 material in my mind. My saturated mind. Be sure to download the complete discography on the AUSSITÔT MORT bandcamp page linked below.



2005 - Aussitôt Mort cd/12"EP

2006 - Balboa split 7"EP

2007 - 6 Songs cdLP (compiles 2005-2006 material) (stream/donate/download here)

2008 - Montuenga cd/12"LP (stream/donate/download here)

2011 - Heaven In Her Arms split 10"EP (stream/donate/download here)
2011 - The Catalyst split 7"EP (stream/donate/download here)
2011 - Discographie 2x12"LP

2012 - La Ride Du Lion 12"EP (stream/donate/download here) (buy 12" here)
2012 - Nagykanizsa cd/cassette/12"EP (compiles 10"/7" splits & 12"EP) (stream/donate/download here)
2012 - Montuenga + 6 Songs cdLP

2014 - La Chants des Sirènes 7"EP as MORT MORT MORT (stream/donate/download here)


(2006) AUSSITÔT MORT - "Dur Comme la Banalite" (from 'Balboa' split)

(2007) AUSSITÔT MORT - "Percute" (from '6 Songs')

(2008) AUSSITÔT MORT - "Mort, Mort, Mort" (from 'Montuenga')

(2011) AUSSITÔT MORT - "Une Defaite a la Piaule" (from 'Heaven In Her Arms' split)

(2014) MORT MORT MORT - "La Chants des Sirènes" (from 'La Chants des Sirènes')


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