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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz / Experimental
Related artistsTetsuo, Gospel, States, Baby Teeth, Kaiju Daisenso, Motaba Erewhon Conspiracy, Meneguar, Campaign, Halfman, BOR, Watership Down, Knives And Greenwater, Usurp Synapse, Mara'akate, Thin Fevers, Books Lie, Edgar, I Am The Resurrection and Helen Of Troy.
Years Active1997-1999
Song: "Pearls for Swine"
Album: "The State Secedes"
Year: 1999
For fans ofHelen Of Troy, City Of Caterpillar, Maximillian Colby, Rites Of Spring, The Last Forty Seconds, Funeral Diner, The Exploder, Portraits Of Past, Shotmaker, Indian Summer, Montcalm, Sleepytime Trio, Closure, Angel Eyes, Four Hundred Years, Hoover, Lincoln, Coma Regalia, Youth Novel, Twelve Hour Turn, Fugazi, Ruhaeda, Sinking Steps...Rising Eyes, Joshua Fit For Battle, Off Minor, September, Ecorche and Yaphet Kotto aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Level Plane Records
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THE STATE SECEDES were a band a first heard because they were associated with Level Plane Records and back in the 2000s I ate that shit up. Looking back now I see that they had an insanely good list of related bands but this single set of songs released by THE STATE SECEDES tops them all and uses the album as a conduit for their collective consciousness (primarily politically and socially motivated) known as "The State".

The only release by the band (and second ever Level Plane release) has a deceptive first instrumental track that leads into the massive 8:28 "Untitled for You" that is late 90s screamo goodness not unlike fellow Level Plane alumni City Of Caterpillar. From three minutes to well past five the band takes a very similar path to early Joshua Fit For Battle with dueling vocals and amazing angular chords. "Pearls for Swine" is my favourite track and is a slower, brooding song that sounds a little bit like a ton of different bands, most of which came after THE STATE SECEDES, although Maximillian Colby, Rites Of Spring and Portraits Of Past certainly predate this. The dissonance and abrasive, swaying rhythms eventually lead way to The Exploder style dancey, screamy hardcore. "Apple of My Eye" is pretty decent and even includes some singing, "Mukhortui" is an instrumental interlude and "Rodan" isn't far off from a condensed version of "Untitled For You" with strong nods to Funeral Diner, Rites Of Spring and Indian Summer. "And Near Sky Blues" is a very chill song with angelic female vocals while the closer "Excelsior" is epic with an awesome slowdown before four minutes that is equally eerie and pulsating that leads to an overly long outro that repeats for nearly three more minutes.

I remember the cd had an insane amount of political text to the point where the lyric book barely fit under the semi-circles. If you happen across this cd (which seems rather likely, as I remember seeing the cd online everywhere for $1) I'd recommend picking it up as the album stands up as beyond decent some 18 years following its release.



1999 - The State Secedes cd/12"LP (download here)


(1999) THE STATE SECEDES - "Untitled For You" (from 'The State Secedes')

(1999) THE STATE SECEDES - "Pearls For Swine" (from 'The State Secedes')

(1999) THE STATE SECEDES - "Excelsior" (from 'The State Secedes')


THE STATE SECEDES out of print wma discography download

(download here)


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