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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Ambient Skramz (or some other stupid genre term)
Related artistsBaton Rouge, Ancre, Daïtro and Celeste.
CountryLyon FRANCE
Years Active2003-2005
Song: "To Love (aimer)"
Album: "Un Jour sans Lendemain"
Year: 2005
Label(s): Alchimia / Denovali Records / Gods Child Music / Purepainsugar
This post's artist is from the August 2015 Mix. This is track #7.
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For fans ofEnvySed Non Satiata, GantzDaïtro, Amanda Woodward, Aussitot Mort, Raein, Nous ÉtionsLe Pré Où Je Suis Mort, Ravin, La Quiete, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, Suis La Lune, Viva Belgrado, Suffocate For Fuck Sake, Furtive Forest, Via Fondo and Aporia aka PROPER SCREAMO.

I remember back in 2005 when I received a package from Europe with only two LPs, both of which had just been released. Yep, I'm talking about the phenomenal Daïtro 12"LP and MIHAI EDRISCH's 'Un Jour sans Lendemain' 12"LP. This short but fantastically vivid memory is partially tainted due to the fact that both came with rips in the packaging. Regardless, I went from really liking both band's to being a goddamn European screamo worshiper. (hmmm, I guess I already was due to La Quiete and Raein but now I'm just being finicky) So yeah, the discography download includes my LP version of 'Un Jour sans Lendemain' transferred to mp3.

As I'd assume most readers, although well versed in screamo, are unaware of MIHAI EDRISCH and their impact on modern screamo. What does the band sound like? Ambient, calming and grooving screamy post-rock/post-hardcore. Obvious and warranted comparisons to Amanda Woodward, early Aussitot Mort and Envy are rather immediate, but the subterranean influence this band splashed on hardcore screamo fans are being felt to this day, primarily through bands such as Raein, Nous Étions and Sed Non Satiata.

2003's "L'Un Sans L'Autre" encapsulates the band's sound on the first LP release by the same name, 'L'Un Sans L'Autre'. I enjoy this early record and its obvious Daïtro and Gantz feel, but it wasn't until 2005's 'Un Jour sans Lendemain' dropped that I lost my figurative shit. "To Be Born (naitre)" is the first real banger on the second LP and begins the very obvious track titling theme from birth to death and many emotions felt in between. The songs go "A Day With No Tomorrow", "To Be Born", "To Walk", "To Live", "To Love", "To Suffer", "To Hope", "To Forget", "To Survive" and "To Die". The time of the song is rather short for the album, clocking in at 2:14 but it is filled with soft bits, heavy leanings, passionate screaming and sweet bass riffs - all of which permeate the entire album. "To Love (aimer)" is my personal favourite and there's no argument that it's the fucking bomb. The guitars on this album are fucking stupendous, arriving somewhere between clean ambiance and semi-chaotic catharsis. This song exemplifies one of the album's strongest elements, the impossibly high sounding guitar notes. These lead directly into the best MIHAI EDRISCH section to ever be recorded and begins at 1:15 at ends...well, never, if you are talking about my head. The rolling drums, dreamy guitar riffing and grooving bass climax at 2:04  when the band makes said head explode. They dip in and out of this repetition with slight changes until this masterpiece concludes at 3:53. If you check any of these songs make it this one. "To Suffer (souffrir)" follows directly after my favourite track and showcases those slow parts that make me want to very slowly pump my fist in the air. An example of the entrancing guitar work comes at exactly one minute and extends all the way through until two minutes before it explodes with those patented, impossibly high riffs. The closer "To Die (mourir)" begins with a light and optimistic air to it, which is interesting considering it is called "To Die" but my guess would be that the band is portraying dying as something beautiful, as in a way it is if you can let go of the selfish inhibitions associated with it. There are two really amazing melodic sections where the guitars just fucking kill me at 1:59 and 3:40 and the drums at 4:10 are so Daïtro it's stupid (aka amazing). The epic conclusion does just that (concludes) at 7:05 but not before a nice, calming, movie-esque outro.

If you've never heard this band check them out to see what people have been losing their minds' over for more than a decade now. Download that sexy ass discography heeeeeya. Hey, guess what? I finally memorized how to spell MIHAI EDRISCH. MIHAI EDRISCH, suckas.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2003 - L'Un Sans L'Autre cd/12"LP

2005 - Un Jour sans Lendemain cd/12"LP


(2005) MIHAI EDRISCH - "To Love (aimer)" (from 'Un Jour sans Lendemain')

(2005) MIHAI EDRISCH - "To Die (mourir)" (from 'Un Jour sans Lendemain')

(2005) MIHAI EDRISCH - "To Suffer (souffrir)" (from 'Un Jour sans Lendemain')

(2003) MIHAI EDRISCH - "L' Un Sans L' Autre" (from 'L'Un Sans L'Autre')


MIHAI EDRISCH out of print mp3 discography download

(download here)



  1. Maybe one of the best screamo band. Un jour sans Lendemain its just a masterpiece. Blow my mind back in 2007 and still does!!!

  2. Love this post!!! Aimer is my favorite song off of that album too